Caught in a Reverie (Halloween Edition is finally up)



Happy 2017 guuyyys~~~ I am still a little stuck on the mundane stuff but other than that~ everything is going steady~ hope to see a pre-alpha for my beta testers this week! A little questions to those who had beta-tested their works >ww< how many readers do you guys usually have D: I’m worried if I add anymore I won’t be able to properly converse and handle the inputs all my testers are going to give


don’t worry, if you get overload do what any Ninja does and hide like there’s no tomorrow and code in secret.


This is not normally my kind of read. But it flows well and the characters all are interesting In their own unique ways, and you give the MC the ability to choose so many different choices regardless if they are important or not. And (spoilers) you using clubs and jobs to give Stat boosts is awesome. Great job.


So just found this story and started reading it, reminds me a lot of Persona 3. I’m liking it so far although it would have been nice to have more stoic options.
Edit: Finished the demo I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to when it finally comes out.


Been having a little break so far xD just to refresh my mind~


Noticed a few errors so far with grammar and/or spelling. I’ll see if I find any more before I make large wall posts that’s hard to navigate, like it so far tho I kinda wish the sfx weren’t so loud in some parts.


Agreed. Reminder of persona 3. But if it ends in a way similar to how P3 ended. I won’t recover from the feels.


I’m so glad I finally tried this out and I can’t wait til it comes out. One question though is the reverie we summon always gonna be the same or does it depends on certain choices we make?


It changes based on your personality.


Thanks, guess I’ll go try playing as a hothead :blush:.


Honestly…? Same. You either get your feels crushed… or you get your feels crushed and then liquified.


or the feels when your favourite anime doesn’t have a second season which is what I am felling now as the story was left on a cliff-hanger…


I wonder just how much we can make touya worry? I’m also interested in seeing the MC progress their skills with their reverie.


and here i am just waiting some quality time with Dion :blush: i really miss him :wink:


I intend to try for the maximum, by both romancing him and having a very foolhardy MC… :grin:


Same here I imagine him being my MC’s partner in crime, also maybe an RO (although I plan on romancing Touya first :blush:).[quote=“ParrotWatcher, post:903, topic:20348”]
I intend to try for the maximum, by both romancing him and having a very foolhardy MC… :grin:
You say foolhardy I say altruistic :laughing:.


you two say foolhardy and altruistic, I say stupid and clumsy as F***.


Or maybe just clever and good at acting the fool and clumsy cad.


okay, long story short: the MC is dam clumsy :ok_hand:


Also felt like pointing out that Kioshi’s way of showing and responding to affection is adorable :blush:.