Caught in a Reverie (Halloween Edition is finally up)



It happened before any missions. It was right after Dion gets his reverie and they fight off the whims.


Hmmmmm~ @Curious_Boy did you get that error when you play? D’:


lol… it seems i misunderstood @Prof_Chaos

hmm… nope, or maybe i’ll replaying it again now to see it.

EDIT : somehow i finish the demo without encountering the error :grin:


Hmmmm~ can I have further information about the error? Like any popups or loading errors or something? c:


I found this while playing the demo again


This happens shortly after


Thanks for this two reports c: I’ll fix them soon~

I think I remember someone else having the wall of text issue as well, and I thought I had a;ready fixed it. Hmmmm
If anyone is having the same issues, do you mind telling me a few things? Because somehow only a few people got the error and some could just finish the demo without encountering this wall of text issue.

  • What browser you’re using
  • What are you viewing from (ex. com or phone.)
  • Which route are you on (ex. Kioshi or Rainer.)
  • Is your MC female or male.


I’m using firefox on my pc. My MC is female and her reverie is the demon if that matters. As for what path I’m on I’m not sure I started one yet. In my previous playthroughs I’m pretty sure I met Rainer but I don’t know if that means I’m on a path or not.


I cannot resist choosing the option to look at Tsubasa rear, her reaction is hillarious.
She being afraid is a plus too, she is just too cute.


Tsubasa’s popularity also shocked me x’D I was expecting people to find her “hot-and-cold” personality to be irritating or troublesome.


Tsubasa is my favorite out everyone


There are other characters besides Sibyl? :astonished:


There is Tsubasa, the girl with the best rear in the game.

@Ros_e she is just too cute, all her flustered reactions make her more cute (special mention for her reaction to the male mermaid costume). And the tough serious girl who fight monster is scared of fake monster is just too funny for me not to like her.
Add the fact she is beautiful, use glasses (girls with glasses are better) and have a rear worth of checking :stuck_out_tongue:


Tsubasa is funny to be honest my male mc always teased her while secretly have feeling to her and let’s be honest,she 100% perfect for tsundere character. Mean while her brother are calm,collected,gentleman,really naive,and caring he definitely aim to be doctor he too caring (thought,my female mc have feeling to him)


I do not know this Sibyl. Do you mean Touya, or perhaps Dion? What about Kioshi? Or maybe Noah or Mamoru? I think that’s all the characters, excluding the very minor ones…


I refuse to believe your male propaganda :stuck_out_tongue:


I find your reaction really cute hahahaha xD

The only parts I am having a bit of struggle are the little daily mundane life events like clubs, jobs, and “dates” x’D
Other than that the plot has actually come to the end and it’s really for Beta.

It would be great to get suggestions from you guys to let my brain keep going x’D I had a hard time writing these little events, any ideas would be great! I would love to hear suggestions from all of you on what kind of interactions you would like to see. Especially when they’re bonding in the dorm.

Just like the Halloween special, some interactions are tied in with each other so you could see the group’s dynamic together and how they are friends with each other instead of the story always just revolving around the MC.

Sending SOS signals to the readers TwT I feel like I am running low on creative juices when it comes to this.


I’ve also finished the part for Touya and Tsubasa’s backstory, so you will get to find out why they are the way they are xD
There’s also a scene where Kioshi, DIon and Touya had a eating challenge and the MC could choose to join them or not.
Running off with Rainer to the Karaoke in the middle of schoolday.
There’s so many spoilers that I wished to share but still feel like it would ruin the experience.


Small event hmmmmm :thinking: how about Dion get trouble and something like “ladies thing” :wink:
Edit for add:how about field trip or group vacation? Thing always get funny at this😂


Yes! My stomach is ready!

Can we invite Noah, too (if he lives)? I mean, he is Kioshi’s best friend…


There is also scenes with Dion bugging Noah to play basketball with him and the MC ;D