Caught in a Reverie (Halloween Edition is finally up)





trying to play straight Male MC
His had a slender figure that was definitely pleasing to my eyes. His dark black hair was well-kept and tidy,nose perfectly symmetrical, lips slightly full. He could definitely give Touya a run for his money. What kept me looking the most was his eyes. His piercing golden eyes.

so, why did MC find Kioshi pleasing to his eyes ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Im not going to lie it needs a spell check and im not big on the names in it or the anime feel it has but I enjoyed it. The wroting style is pretty darn good and even though i dont like the anime feel it was still pretty darn good. The story is very interesting and if i can read all of it by some miracle i would love to finish the series and see a branch off from it. Very interesting in a good way to say at least


Your character is straight, not blind.

Just kidding, I swear ^^


:joy: you never fail me lmbo


Ooooops~ x’D coding errors~ Thank you~~~


Halloween Edition is finally up~ x’D It;s more like a Christmas thing now than Halloween hahahaha
So sorry for the long wait and delay~ C: but I do hope you all would enjoy this little piece ~ The short special edition has around 15k words in total.

The link can be found on the first post. c:

PS. Rainer route has some bugs that are being smoothed up now, so play at your own risk~

And to all my beta testers c: The beta build is also upcoming up soon but most probably after Christmas TwT


DION!!! :heart_eyes: im coming to you now~

just take your time :grin: we (at least me) will be here waiting patiently~

alright, time to check it out~ :joy:


hillarious!! :laughing:

aww~ :blush: where do i sign for it to be official XD

wow… of course we are~ :heart_eyes:

(ehm… did you miss something there or that “the” isn’t supposed to be there ?)

correct it, im his other half~ :yum: :grin:

[quote] “Scared?” I teased Dion.

“With you here, nope.” Now I wasn’t sure whether I was the one being teased instead.“But, if you’re scared, I’m always here for you.” [/quote]
im melting right now~ :blush: :heart_eyes: didn’t know Dion could be so damn romantic!! :kissing_heart:

there is an error after the bathroom scene no matter what i choose

(choice) Run towards where we came from

(choice) Try to look for another way out

and just want to say i cant stop grinning when reading this halloween edition… my MC already far too deep in love with Dion coz this short date story :joy:


You read really fast xDDD Now you can go and try all the outfits for different reactions.

Aren’t you surprise there’s not much typo in this one? Ohohoho I felt like I just earned an achievement x’D
And I fixed the error >ww<


will do that~

well, i noticed… i cant find any typo in my 2 playtrough, now i’ll lose my typo-hunting job :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol jk. and this is worth the wait~ thank you, for the chance to date spending time with Dion :yum:
will playing it again for several times~ cant stop grinning :joy:

I just shrugged sheepishly. I knew Dion was going to be a werewolf, and I just happen to “accidentally” picked the same costume. Don’t we look cute together?

now im sure you are teasing spoiling me!! :blush: damn, this is too cute, cant move on and trying another RO route for a while :joy: im dying of happiness!! XDDD~


Hehehehe~ I’m so happy to hear this from you ~ :blush:

PS. Rainer’s route is now fixed.


Found this on Kioshi’s route


Alright c: fixed. It’s so strange cause the game had passed quicktest x’D yet all these little things still pop out


I absolutely loved tsubasa’s reaction when you choose the mermaid costume I also liked the supervillan outfit nice Easter egg for persona 5


Kioshi is just too adorable :blush:

I loved his reaction to the samurai costume


some report from Touya route :grin: and sorry for bringing some bad news to ruin your “typo achievement” celebration :innocent:

as MC were talking with Touya before, you could change She to Sibyl so we will not confusing that She is refered to Sibyl and not to Touya XD im literally confused at first and notice the mistake later XD

“Protect me Touya.” I teased.

“You know I will.” Touya bowed lightly. He was my own knight in shining armor for tonight.

“What about me?” Dion was pouting over my betrayal. [/quote]

awww~ poor Dion, are you jealous ? *wink~ or not (as he was already discussing about a team pose with certain witch :cry: *getting jealous myself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

[quote] “I’m glad to have you here with me.” I smiled. I was overjoyed to have Touya with me.

He just smiled and said nothing. [/quote]

i know that just Touya being “Touya” but i cant helped myself for being hurt :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

it will be better if you add “as” before if, so it will be like this : “it was as if bla bla bla…

that sneaky bast*rd MC :smirk: good job!! :thumbsup:

Some Error (i assumed it from indent or code or something like that)

after Touya and MC finish the haunted house the scene jump to when they failed it and then jump to Rainer scene, even if it was supposed to be Kioshi at the group.

and i decide to take that as a chance to bug hunting Rainer route and i met the jumping scene error at the end as well

and i noticed while there is a scene after i choose Touya for the pair like this one :

[quote] “Protect me Touya.” I teased.

“You know I will.” Touya bowed lightly. He was my own knight in shining armor for tonight.

“What about me?” Dion was pouting over my betrayal.
there is nothing at Dion scenes, when i choose Dion it just jump to this scene :

is that intentional ? :worried:

oh, there is another “weird scene” that i notice at the begining, some costume doesn’t trigger any reaction from the group, i might take a note for which costumes that happend later while im checking Kio route :grin:


Thank you so much!!! And about Dion’s scene, nope TwT there’s suppose to be something like that as well~ I just found out the error and I’m fixing them right now ~~

@Curious_Boy do tell me which costume reactions doesn;t trigger later >www< I’m checking the codes too but I might miss something :smile:

Everything should be alright now c: I forget to add in where the scenes should properly end for Touya and Rainer. x’D so sorry guys!!

I know right :wink:

Hehehehe Yup! It’s such a shame that P5 is getting a delay TwT



There should be a space after the punctuation.

“We’re one of the lucky ones, to be able to materialize our subconscious or dreams into beings call Reveries.”

‘Call’ should be ‘called.’

On another note, I couldn’t see the new content. Can anybody help me? @Ros_e? :cold_sweat:


Touya brows furrowed, his eyes narrowed. “Won’t you attract unwanted attention this way?”

“But you’ll protect him right Touya?” Sibyl giggled.

“Of course!! Without a doubt. I will make sure no harm comes into his way.” He bowed lightly.

Ah, Touya. It’s good to be back being vaguely confused about exactly how you feel about me.

“You can suck my blood anytime.” I winked. He was a gorgeous vampire and I didn’t mind playing his victim. My mind was running wild with images of his teeth sinking into my skin, the way he was lavishing me, gave me a certain thrill.

“I wouldn’t possibly do that.” His brows narrowed into a worried expression. My heart fell, my fantasy poofed, looks like my attempt at flirting has failed.

“Wouldn’t possibly” doesn’t really make sense. It would either be “couldn’t possibly” or just “wouldn’t” (“would never” might be even better). Also, daw, Touya. So naive. :blush:

“I love the breeze.” I smiled at Sibyl. The way her short hair sway against the wind, made my heart flutter a little.

Wait, why am I flirting with Sibyl now? Undo! Undo!

“Kioshi, I’ll be with you.” Tsubasa trapped Kioshi in her clutches.

I am suddenly terrified for the poor boy…

the interior was themed similarly like our dorm room; victorian.

“Victorian” should be capitalised.

Touya wrapped his slender fingers around my hand. “I won’t let anything happen to you.”


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