Caught in a Reverie (Halloween Edition is finally up)



You keep setting yourself up.


I noticed some errors on your game, do you want me to post them?


Im so mad at myself how the hell i miss the Halloween special​:angry::pensive:


I think it’s not yet uploaded. I’ve been checking it since October 31.


Ooh whew, i just saw people talking and thought i miss out. Good i didnt.


Is the Halloween update up? Sorry, been dead here a while…


@moonwalkerdragon nah, i just really want to be a hot dog now. Hmm question @Ros_e am i beef, chicken, pork or turkey? Lol​:laughing: oooh or tufu? Or, am i a mixture? I really need to eat something… i think i have hot dogs in my fridge…:thinking:



Sorry guys~~~~~~ Been with a friend for days now TwT Her father just passed away and I have been by her side for each moment, will be back uploading the specials as soon as I can~


My condolences to her :cry: You’re a good friend for being there for her :hugging:


It’s fine and oh my, give her my condolences as well.


give her my condolences as well. :cry:


Sending my condolences too🙏


Weeeee is it possible to have a mod make the first post into a wiki edit? >www< Thank you in advance and lots of love :heart:


just call them here @moderators :grin:

  • Touya was wearing a similiar outfit as well, but with a dark knitted vest over his collar shirt, I also don’t remember him having a tie. I guess he’s a student too.

  • similar
    Knock. Knock

Also there’s an error for all choices when Rainer’s fans show up.
Malechapter7 line 257 illegal to fall in a else if statement.

And an error for line 258 loading out of those scenes. uncaught error this line should have a scene name followed by an error message “I’ll bring you some place fun…”


I don’t know if it was pointed before even if i checked the last week discussion but just after the Carpe Diem part the game just end in a big wall of text (From the second teacher question to the festival i think ? At least i got this with a female MC)


Not sure if it was brought up, but i noticed a lost black lab poster on the bulletin board when picking a job.

PLEASE tell me we get to find that dog?! I love black labs!


Are you…being racist? Or even worse…Doggist?


Uploading the Halloween special soon TwwwwT so sorry for such a delay guys