Caught in a Reverie (Halloween Edition is finally up)



I like the far right second row costume.


I get the feeling that my very un-shy MC might go for the merman costume. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Costume?what costume?:confused:


Click the arrow next to MC costume choices


Okay all was cute (thanks):smiley:

my thoughts about the costumes

they’re all so cute and I love the surprise dion on the horse costume.
If I have to choose, I like the vampire and matrix-esque costumes on the second row.


Heh, am I the only one who had to replay the demo just so I could get back in my character’s head and choose a costume xD But even then I’m caught between the black suit costume, the Indian costume, the wolf costume, and the zombie costume ;^; But since Touya is apparently a vampire, I may go the forbidden love route and choose werewolf <3

Oh poor innocent Touya, you can’t hide from me forever behind the end of the demo~


All I have to do is think of Sibyl and I am in my character’s head :heart_eyes:


So tempting to see the costumes but I’ll wait patiently for the Halloween story to be up. XD


I want to be…samurai?cowboy?(huhh…cant wait now)


cant stop laughing with horse costume XD its so funny, that couple costume hhaaa XD


Doth i see a hot dog costume?


Sarcastic First, is that you?


Huh?what do you mean?


Have you played Freak Amidst the Neon Lights yet?


I’ll wear a cowboy suit but only if I get two revolver to go with it.(Naturally has to have a flag saying “Bang” in it.) But of course no man can truly be a cowboy without his trusty steed.( looking at you Dion)
Other possible custom choices are… Well I’ll spare you the details but let’s just say it involves a Tommy gun, alian-ninjas and a trip to space Mexico.


Yes I played it,but my mc is earnest first


How do I know? Well, so far, all the huge Whims were resulted by a suicidal attempt. These people want Rainer to kill himself, surely they are trying to recreate those scenes. I can put 1 and 1 together.

Isn’t Rainer a girl?


@Urban Yes Rainer is a girl


[Spoiler]Rainer is also bae. [/Spoiler]