Casino of Blessed Fortune (WIP)

This is a fantasy game - with a theme of gambling and luck-based/random events - that I’ve been working on for some time now. It’s still not terribly close to completion (tentatively 10% finished or so) but I thought it might be helpful to create a WIP thread at this point.

Demo link:

I’m unsure how often exactly I’ll be updating the demo, but for now the plan is to update it perhaps every 1-2 weeks, one new floor at a time (or more often for bug fixes etc. smaller changes). Currently there’s only one floor of the casino to explore and there isn’t a huge amount of content there either.

Note: the idea right now is for there to not be a huge amount of story / character customization. Rather it should be a mystery what exactly is going on in the game, or even who you are, for quite some time. My focus is mainly on the various gameplay mechanics which require a lot of very complicated code. Anything may change going forward though.

I’d mainly be interested to hear feedback about possible bugs (this code is very complicated and hard to test!) as well as thoughts on the games/events available so far. Ideas for new games/events are welcome too.

My tentative plan for the second floor is to be focused on a game called blackjack (which is a lot harder to code than the games so far :stuck_out_tongue: ) and some random special events. The third floor is supposed to be focused on variants of poker. After that, I have ideas for a few original gambling games and various events. The final floor is supposed to be a sort of strategy/luck-based boss battle. Nothing is set in stone though!


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I don’t know why it does (maybe the fact that this casino is, shall we say, of a more arcane nature), but for some reason, the premise of this game made me think of the anime Death Parade.

The premise of that show is, people who died in a past life go to kinda-sorta purgatory bars run by arbiters who receive a list of the souls’ sins and actions in their life before, and so they challenge them to kinda freaky games - for example, darts, but every target you hit is tied to a part of the body and you feel pain there in response, with the bullseye being the heart if I remember correctly - to try and coax a confession of those sins out of the souls in question, in order for the arbiter to see the quality of their character and then decide whether they leave the bar through an elevator leading to reincarnation, or one leading to oblivion.

It’s actually a really intense show, and for SOME DAMN REASON, it has a deceptively catchy intro song that makes you think it’s more happy-go-lucky fun times than it actually is.

Again, don’t know why your idea reminded me of this, but it did.

I haven’t actually seen that anime, but I’ve heard of it. In any case, it’s probably because there was talk of souls and stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

In the jackpot game, is it possible to get the jackpot multiple times?

Yes, it’s not really a jackpot in the sense that it’s a huge amount gathered over a period of time (and can only be won by one player), but just a fancy name for a really big return. In this case, 50x return.

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