Can't compile my game

O opened the compile.html file and tried to load my folder with all my *.txt from my game, but as I do that this message appears:

“We couldn’t find scene.js in the folder you chose. Please try again. (Note that compile.html requires access to the entire choicescript directory, not just the mygame folder”

I don’t know what that means.
If I can’t compile my game, isn’t there another way to share it? I just need a working demo for my dissertation.

The scenes (startup.txt, etc…) that u are trying to compile are in the same folder the compile.htm is?

This link might be helpful for you.
While it’s not about compiling a game it has a helpful post detailing how to use danshindgon which is the site many demos and wips are hosted on.
There’s also the newer free hosting by the same person that operates dashingdon.

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