Please explain to me how to use dashingdon

Hi, the problem is that I am new and I am really not the best girl using computers for complicated stuff like programming… I want to understand the process of uploading something to dashingdon. Thank you for you attention and taking your time,


As explained by @daydreamsincolor in another thread:


I’ll try to compile a detailed, quick, image-accompanied guide on setting up and hosting your first game on dashingdon. So, in the meantime, :pray: please don’t lock the thread while I waste the excess free time I have.

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This guide will guide you through the process of 1) creating a account, 2) uploading your (first) game, and 3) making sure your game is playable.

So, let’s start.

1. Creating Account

To create an account, you’ll need an active e-mail you can access. Just like how you’d create an account on any sites these days.

So, first step, click the button.

Immediately at the next screen, you should see these empty textboxes. Fill them accordingly. Once you’re done, hit the button.

Note, you might be prompted to verify your e-mail. So do that as well.

2. Creating Game Entry

Once you’re registered, this is what you should see next. Except it should be blank, empty, and sad. Hit the button if you’re ready to upload your game.

Next, you’ll be prompted to fill out the name of the game and its description (if any). There’re also some options, detailed below. Once you’re done, hit that Create Game.

[1] ☐/:ballot_box_with_check:: This game will be set to private and hidden (only those who have the link can access it) / This game will be shown publicly on the dashingdon front list .
[2] This is an… advanced feature. It’s harmless whether you’re checking it or not, but if you’re in doubt, leave it as it is. ☐/:ballot_box_with_check:: will use original CScript version to compile your game / will use modified CScript to compile your game (which accomodate CJW’s saving plugin)
[3] A list of how your game will display. Aesthetics only.
[4] This link will show up at the bottom of your compile game, like in here. Clicking on it will open the link on new tab.

3. Uploading Files

Immediately after you created a game entry, this is what you will see.

As you might know as of now, a CScript game requires .txt files (and importantly, the startup.txt). If you don’t, well, turn around and learn how to create a functioning game first :wave:t4:
To upload them, follow that orange arrow.

Browse your directory, select the files, and click the upload. Simple business.

The upload bar will fill up, and a satisfying green notification will pop up, if everything goes well.

You might notice another upload button below. If you’re including any multimedia files (images, sounds, music, etc.), use that instead. Otherwise, leave it be.

So, that’s it. You’ve created your first game and uploaded all the necessary data. You can safely return to the dashboard, close the browser, or shut down your computer if you feel like it. However, if you want to make sure that your game actually runs on dashingdon, read on.

4. Making Sure Things Work

If you clicked Return to the Dashboard button at the top, you’ll see your game entry on your previously-blank dashboard.

To playtest the game, simply hit the Playtest Game button. This will open your game, the online dashingdon version, on a new tab.


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@Szaal - thanks for the detailed guide.


Thanks for taking the time to write that up and provide screenshots @Szaal! I’ve been meaning to do something like this forever but now I don’t have to. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I don’t really mind if moderators can copy and “pin” my comment to your dashingdon thread, if that’s something possible.


Thank you a lot! >_<
Sorry for not answering for so long, I was studying for my high school tests the whole week. I apologize and am really glad for your help, sorry for taking so much of your time.

Thank you again. (^_^)


Thank you Eiwynn, for helping me with this difficulty :slightly_smiling_face:

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So I’m wondering, is it impossible to take down a file once you uploaded it?

You can ask Don directly or replace the scene file with a blank one, but yes, currently it is.


This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks so much.

Dumb question time.

I don’t understand the url part. How does one create a url? I’m assuming you can’t just type ‘this is my game’ in there, that you need all the http shizzle?

I do reading and writing, I don’t do IT geek, this stuff is literally a new language to me.

Thanks in advance and apologies for my technophobia.


Feedback url is the web address of your WIP thread (or whatever you want ppl to go when they click the link). You can also just leave it blank, if you don’t want to bother about it.

Hi! Can I ask tips on getting feedback and where to create the thread for the discussion of the game? Can we make a post on this website??

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Once you have a demo of your ChoiceScript game uploaded to a hosting site, you may open a Work in Progress (aka WiP) thread in the WiP or Adult sections of the forum with a linked demo in your opening post.

The commonly used hosting services are: Dashingdon’s, (newer version of Choicescript supported) or .

Any other concerns or questions, feel free to DM me.

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Thank you so much!!