Compilation and scenes

When I try to compile my game, part of the output is:

Searching for scene files…

and that’s it, as far as scenes are concerned. My /scenes folder also contains prologue1.txt, prologue2.txt and dungeon1.txt, but they aren’t found. Since my startup.txt is just

*create datename “empty”
*create know_guard_is_woman 0

*title Turandot
*author Victor Gijsbers

*goto_scene prologue1

the game now starts off with the rather disappointing message:

Couldn’t load scene prologue1
The file doesn’t exist.

When I just run the game by going to the index.html, everything works fine. What am I doing wrong?

Try listing the scene files you want compiled in the scene_list and see if that fixes things.


Yes, it does!

I had understood from the documentation and the wiki that it is legal to have scenes that are not listed in scene_list, and that scene_list is only important when you want to use the finish command. But is in fact required to have all scenes in scene_list?

There’s no way for the compile.html file to read your directory (browser security reasons) so whilst you can run a game without every scene in the scene list, you do need to include them all if you want to compile it.


For compiling the game, yes, you need the scene list.

OK, thanks!

By the way, compiling the game is the preferred way of distributing ChoiceScript games, isn’t it? Or is it actually discouraged to use this?

There’s no obvious community preference and there are pros and cons to both.
Just use whichever you feel suits your needs best.

Not gonna lie, our preferred way of distributing ChoiceScript game is where you make thousands of dollars publishing your game via our Hosted Games or Choice of Games labels. :wink:


Indeed, that sounds like the best way. :sunglasses: We’ll see what the future holds!