"Cannonfire Concerto" — A symphony of intrigue begins an overture to war!

Who are the possible love interests anyway?

In three playthroughs I find only Two but There is attractions for other two at least, so no idea if there is an obscure way to romance them or is just a waste opportunity. Because the bonaventura spies are very sexy

Thanks for reporting this issue. The current latest version no longer uses the “charming contours” reference.

Now it looks like this:

In calmer circumstances you might find this person quite attractive indeed. Who do you see?

  • An attractive man.
  • An attractive woman.
  • An attractive man (though I am attracted to women as well).
  • An attractive woman (though I am attracted to men as well).
  • A figure attractive for their mysteriousness only; I am not romantically attracted to either men or women.

Give it another try.


I … didn’t understand the game. I did not want to participate in the war, or conflict, so I tried to remain neutral, and as a result the whole game burnt to the ground. in my mind, in our world there is enough of war, dirty politics, spyware and various conflicts. Why produce so many games with the same topics? in the same Empyrian theme also applies to war and revolution. Is there no theme of peace in the world? … as a musician, I know that some musicians can be focused only on their music and nothing else. so why add all these conspiracy theories, if you could just focus on that and get a good game? … so, in the end, I did not feel the connection with my main character, and the LI, or with a story, all I felt - utter rage because of the war and conflicts, in which I did not want to participate. i just wanted to play music and… yeah.

it should be said, however, that the world is interesting. and the whole Genius thing?.. kinda genius too.


Hello! I was wondering if anyone managed to unlock the conspiracy that unveils the mysterious stranger at the start of the game at all? I’ve tried three playthroughs so far but can’t seem to tune in on how to see them again so i thought i’d ask for help here. If anyone knows please help!


I like the game well enough but I’m puzzled like others.
Mostly I feel like being in a corridor with lots of doors but whatever door I open, I come back to the corridor.

The secrets of this game are well hidden indeed.


Sounds a lot better than what I have heard what the first version looked like.

But choosing that option isn’t asexual, it’s aromantic. Aro-ace at best, but not asexual and I feel that it is still misleading to describe the game as ace-friendly. Granted, most games make that same mistake.

I very often HAVE to pick an option of being attracted to a certain bodytype/gender just to romance anyone, when really all I’m looking for is romance without the sexual parts, please. So I’m stuck with ignoring parts that I wouldn’t want my character to do or not being able to romance anyone. It’s great that these games want to be inclusive, but a lot of them do it in a really sloppy way. Here’s hoping that will change with time.


My advice is please contact them and participate in the betas. We all trying to make games inclusive but more varied people would be better. You could help getting better other games


They setting investments early why you care and the game. It’s your home City it’s where you’re from it’s where you’re grown up it’s your and your nation

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Nope you could choose hate the city and seen his fall too. Is not all pro city

I’d do that - if I had the time for it. But I invest my freetime to work on my own WiP, which I hopefully can make as inclusive as possible without alienating people. Give me all the time in the world and I go and beta-test everything, but we sadly don’t have that luxury. :slight_smile:

I thought king ferenc was RO because was interested by me…

What are Ro males ?

After played the game few times…i still wondering about the mysterious stranger instead of the war and politics that’s happening around. The stranger seems to be an RO too…

I’m not sure how to phrase this without sounding a little rude, but what were you expecting when you bought the game? The descriptions for both Cannonfire Concerto and Empyrean establish that the games are about a character thrust in the middle of a war. It would be odd if they didn’t make you deal with war! It’s as if you went to an action movie and were shocked when the hero pulled out a gun or punched somebody, or to a romance movie and were surprised by all the kissing. You should expect something to be what it’s advertised to be!

I do appreciate that you want to play games without violent themes. In fact that’s probably a good trait in you! The rest of us are probably all desensitized to real-world violence and stuff. But when a game is advertised as having those themes, then you shouldn’t buy it or play it. Save your money for the games that aren’t violent.


anybody know how to meet the empress or become the governor of your hometown just confused about that

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I just finished it. What fun–I really enjoyed the writing, and I thought the choices were weighty and well-crafted.

As usual, I played it without even looking at the stats. Everything felt about right, game wise.

I was terribly confused about the many NPCs and the political stuff. But that’s typical for me. It takes me a few playthroughs to know what the heck is going on. (Unfortunately that is true in my real life too…)

I just posted a review on Steam saying how much I liked it, and I would encourage everyone to do so on the platform of their choice. 2016 has had tons of good games; I think this is my favorite of the year (so far).

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To meet the Empress, what I did wasat the concert in St Olafsburg, having high Original and Emotion stats, choose the ‘stately march’ option, and then for the two options after that pick the ones that say they ‘may intimidate the Scalvians’, she will send a servant to fetch you after the concert. To Impress her Tell her you want nothing from her, because you could never repay a debt to an Empress

Unsure about becoming the governor! Best I got was figurehead.


I really would like to play this game. So my question is when will this go up on the CoG online store? Its the only way I can play the game.

It already is. :slight_smile:

What r the names of the romanceable characters?