Can you not add links to your *title?


I’m trying to add some links to my title, but I keep coming up with the error “line 5: Invalid scene_list instruction, only allowed at the top of startup.txt”

Here is the code that I’m using.

*title Trial of the Demon Hunter - book one of 
*link Demons Among Men, 
*link Samuel Harrison Young

Can anyone help me with this?


You’d have to add the links after the *scene_list


So there isn’t a way to attach links to the actual title?


Not to the actual title

But you can add links in game.


No. I think the title appears at the top of the browser so it can’t be a link. You could use your twitter handle, perhaps? Or by Samuel Harrison Young and hope people look it up.


Gotcha. Thanks for your help!

I have hyperlinks in the “about” section and at the very end of the story in an author’s note, but I wanted the hyperlinks in a more central location as well. I can probably just add them to the bottom next to the “Love it? Hate it? Write us at bla bla bla”


You could add them to header, you’ll just need to edit index.html - which you’d need to do for the bottom links anyway.


I’ll just stick them to the bottom since I’d be doing it anyways:P thanks