Can we have two characters

for creating your own game if there a way so we can choice between two characters with different stories?

Yes, you can write as many different characters as you want.

Divided We Fall did something similar, where the player alternates between a few different characters on both sides of the Spanish Civil War.


Aye, you can. Not many choose to do it because it takes time and more effort. But it would definitely be something fun to do.

I am doing it with my WIP. It does indeed have its challenges, but it should help boost replayability for the crowd that likes that sort of thing.

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Yep, I’m curious to see how most authors would go about doing that. But I feel like it’s something we don’t see that much of and it will be fun to play.

I’d love to see a lengthy game written as a “pass-and-play” style game–two rulers of adjacent duchies, say, or two lovers separated by a time vortex, or a dust wraithling and its sorcerous mistress. A lengthy, deep game written in that way would be wonderful.

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You can have two main characters with a changing stats screen for each main character. See the Icarus Sun wip Icarus Sun (WIP - Update December 27, 2016) Changing stats when POV character changes .

I think it can be hard to pull off because you have to clearly let the reader know the character has changed. I think it’s better to have the main characters be defined, because with undefined MC’s, it can kind of be like the reader has to entirely create their own story instead of helping with someone else’s story.


Can anyone show an example how i can do it. Like on the main menu i can pick between two characters.