Changing stats when POV character changes


I’m really just getting started learning choice script and have a quick question. Does anyone know what code would be used to change between the stats screen of various pov characters as it changes? I saw a game called Champion of the Gods use this method and would love to know how to do the same.

You could make a POV stat in your startup.txt:

*create pov 0

Then whenever you’re starting a section with John’s POV, in the story text file

*set pov 1

and then whenever the story switches to Karen’s POV,

*set pov 2

and in choicescript_stats.txt,

*if pov 1
  [John's stat screen stuff]

*if pov 2
  [Karen's stat screen stuff]
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Thanks! That makes sense! I’ll give it a try.

One other question. I know opposed_pair splits points between 2 variables. Is there a way to do it with multiple things? Like if you had *create apples 50
opposed_pair apples
that would split points between apples and oranges, giving both 50. But could you have apples, oranges, and bananas?

I’ve tried
*create apples 33.3
opposed_pair apples
But what ends up happening is apples and oranges get 33, but bananas get 67.

There’s no way to do opposed_pair in any kind of three point system. Remember, with opposed_pair, you’re not actually tracking oranges, you’re just tracking apples, and oranges is displayed as 100 minus apples.

You could do percentage bars, and decrease “apples” when “oranges” and “banana’s” increase.

Exactly how would i do that? Just put *set variable + the fair math rule, and then subtract from the other two variables inside (and) statements? Or whatever the opposite of the operator I’m using at the time is? Or is there an easier way to do that?

That’s the easiest I can come up with… :confounded:

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