Two different stories

Am i able to have a choice to pick between 2 different stories in making my own choice of games.

Yep, it’s doable. Perhaps not just two, but even more!

Of course more stories equal more work, tho.

This is what bogged me down for a long, long time in the game I am currently trying to finish. I had stories going off in all directions. I have saved some ideas for future stories, and now all the mini-adventures in the game eventually fold back into the main story line. Now the game seems much more possible for this slow writer to complete.


i doing one but its the same story but on a different side. There stories will be different but the theme is the same.

Here an example
Character A is a communist fighting to restore Kiev to USSR control
Character B want to keep Kiev away from USSR but she has a power struggle

Yes: that will be interesting if they are both present in some scenes. Then you get to write it once from character A’s point of view, and once from character B’s.