More than one story idea in one story

I had a question, I was thinking of doing a story basically it will be two stories in one. It will be one main story but told from two different sides and I was wondering about the feasibility of making it and the best way to set up the game.

Thanks for the advice in advance

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Will you be playing one character only per playthrough? Or flipping perspectives throughout?
If it’s only a single character, you’d probably just design it with variables similar to any other character creation (except you’ll set certain things for the player depending on who they choose to play.) You’d want to make it really clear there’s two different stories otherwise many people may only play it once and miss half your game. If you’re going to have a fixed male and female character, also some people will probably only play it once in their preferred gender.

If you’re going to flip back and forth though the story, you’ll need to set up and *if statement in the stat’s page to track who you are looking at.
ie *if (character1 = “yes”)
*goto statpage1
*if (character2 = “yes”)
*goto statpage 2

Other variables shouldn’t be too hard to manage, but will probably be a little more tricky to balance right as you’re going to have 2 influences rather than only a single MC. You’d also need to make it really clear when you’re flipping perspective so players don’t get confused.

Examples of a game that has a moving character perspective would be 3 games. From memory Twin Flames does this too. (You should check them out for ideas.)


Thanks for the help I will definitely check out the other games.


You might want to check out this WiP too, as it relates to the same premise: The Cursed Lady and The Weakest Knight (Updated: 3/24/2019)

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