Cake Icon: What is this witchcraft?


Just curious, what does it mean when a cake appears on all of your posts? Does it mean that a mod decided I deserve a special cake icon? Was there a meeting of mods and CoG masters to decide who’s worthy of the icon? Am I the chosen one again?


I’m guessing it’s your forum anniversary


That makes sense, but under the anniversary section on the forum it says:

"Today’s Anniversaries

There are no users celebrating their anniversaries today."


Never mind, that’s exactly what it is. Under my profile, it says joined Nov 6th. Thanks


The cake is a lie. (20 characters)



Your birthday, anniversary on the site or trying to appease the anger of the forum members.


We can’t award cake icons to people, unfortunately :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nice contemporary reference.


Happy Anniversary, honey!

Here’s your present.


I thought today was my cake day but I don’t see any cake. :frowning:

OH! It’s 3 days time! Silly me.

SOOON there shall be cake!


Strawberry short-cake?


Mmmm! Oh yes.

Light fluffy sponge. Whipped cream. Fresh strawberries. Strawberry or raspberry sauce. The best!


I hate cake…
gets killed in less than three seconds


Cake or Death!


And now I’m hungry for cake…


Happy Cake Day to Me!!!


Happy cake day. I see your looking out for your minions.



You joined on Mar 10, '15 which is why you had a cake!


Thank you! That was so confusing, glad to have it clear up.


What is this nonsensical non sequitur?