Broken Frontier (WIP)

Hey there! This is my first ever try with using ChoiceScript, Broken Frontier.

Take control of a troubled outlaw on the frontier of the continent of Bellissia, haunted by a past defined by failed revolution and personal tragedy. Little do they know, that their life on the run will soon send them straight into the center of an adventure that could allow them to finally pick the pieces of their life up and rebuild something with them, or stomp whatever they had left into dust and embrace the broken frontier.

Mild Content Warning: While there’s nothing here that I’d consider explicit, nor is there planned to be, there is a fair amount of foul language, violence, and references to adult themes such as racial violence, sex, and addiction.

-Play a fully customizable begrudging hero with nonbinary inclusive pronoun options and plenty o’ aesthetic choices to pick from.

-Put down the swords and sorcery to embark on an adventure in a low-fantasy world inspired heavily by the American Civil War and the wild west period that followed it. Fan that hammer cowpoke!

-Four choosable player character backgrounds are available along with four choosable class options. Each will offer its own unique class/background action choices and sidequests down the line.

-Four-ish romanceable characters planned with the ability to choose gender preferences.

-At least two important non-romanceable characters are also to be part of the cast of allied folks being: Eva Briarwood, your eternal babysitting charge and employer, and Vance, your adopted deadbeat parent and mentor in all things less-than-legal.

Currently, only the first chapter is done (about 8,700 words), in which most of what you’re doing is building your character. I’m a pretty busy person juggling a full college course load, job, etc. so I can’t really promise regular updates, but rest assured I do plan on updating this in the nearish future as well as starting some other ChoiceScript projects I’ve had the ideas for floating around for a while.

Anyways, to play the most recent demo (V 1.01), go here:

Update: Chapter 2 is in progress and will be uploaded when it is finished. In the meantime, I’ve edited the demo of the first chapter and fixed a TON of spelling and grammar errors as well as added a screen for setting romance option gender preferences. Thank you everyone for all the positive feedback, it is super encouraging to see how many people like the game!


Could just be my aphantasia, but it’s difficult to keep track of scene shifts. I’m having a hard time figuring out who is and is not present during these scenes, or what the surroundings are like. Just feels like there should be other people around in the background, including some of the named characters, but if they’re not involved in the scene at all I get confused.

This is actually a really cool game! I love the wild west mixed with fantasy feel that is here!

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Very interesting game especially the character customization :ok_hand:

Pretty good :+1:

I actually played it and I really enjoyed it but I have one question though will we get a horse?

I will say one thing I am not merciful if it comes down to the wild west or apocalypse this dick got me arrested for 5 months and hurt me I think this is purely even

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Okay that’s something I want to read when it’s finished I like wild west Storys (because they seem to be rare) the only good one I remember was tin star and you play a lawmen there so being an Outlaw is absolutely welcomed in my opinion

But I wish I Had at least 2 skills im hood with I mean yeah I can handle my revolver and the class is Sharpshooter but isn’t it possible to be charming as well so you can talk your way out? Or being sneaky but able to shoot a fly 500meters away (something like that)

The vicious fighting style is looking very cool. I love that we have the option to still beat the shit out of the guy even though he asked us to stop without killing him.
I hope we can still have a somewhat good personality while still being very aggressive.


Thank you, that is good feedback. I’ll keep it in mind when working on this in the future.

I really like it so far! I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on it

Like it so far; I wasn’t sure if it was gonna be my kind of thing, since I’m not really that into Wild West-esque settings, but the fantasy elements give it something extra. And I always like having a selection of origin stories to choose from.

Also, good customisation options in general, and immediately reflecting them in the narration is a nice little detail.

Some typos and things I noticed, assuming you want feedback on that:


Idk if that’s a spelling variation maybe, but it’s usually ‘tourniquet’.

Looks like it’s missing a ‘the’.


Usually I hate westerns but I get to be a half elf so i’ll give it a pass lol

Looking forward to playing some more

Western with a bit of a fantasy twist, sign me up :slight_smile:

Great wip, saved it in my bookmarks :smile:

Thanks for the feedback! Pointing out the spelling errors is really helpful, I have a hard time picking them out in the txt file.


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