Bright City (WIP) Medieval/Renaissance The Ultimate Tale of Metropolitan Feud

Bright City
This is the second edition of Bright City, with the goal of reopening the topic with a totally new start. The first edition did not get very far, so starting fresh will not be much of a challenge. With a clean slate, I am open to all recommendations for what users want to see out of this project, as well as provide everyone with the goal intended.

Morodona is a world born out of inspiration from Mafia era large cities of the United States, primarily New York City, and the Thalassocratic merchant republic states of medieval and renaissance Italy. This massive city also has surrounding areas to visit and oversea lands to explore. The feuding Ducci families strive for power and the position of Grand Prince, which is elected from the most powerful families. The Maffi are the second class, who hold most of the minor administrative positions and military roles. They serve directly under the Ducci families, despite being not directly sworn to any particular one. At the bottom are the general citizens of the city and small city states who are generally rather poor and held little power. They hold positions such as the common footsoldiers, sailors, and workers. They are very high in number, and also work the fields and farms surrounding the city.

There will be a long and interactive story throughout, where the player can make the important decisions to change the story. There will be sequences of violence and killing, although not overly graphic and descriptive, but it will not be without warning.

Families and other information







More will be added in the upcoming as more work is done.
The main link was removed, as I no longer had the files for those versions.


Looks interesting! Definitely will watch this!


I like it from the description and I can’t wait to see more


I love the setting and the choice to pick your character’s origin is really neat. A+

Can I ask what the plot is exactly though? The setting is developed but I’m not sure what the actual story is…unless the setting is the story, and the story is just about living…:thinking:

Looking forward to updates!


The only difference between this premise and From Ashes We Rise( also a WIP) is that FAWR also involves superpowers. The demo is way too short to make anymore comments but I just want to alert you of the coincidence.


Thank you for your concern, however I fail to see that similarity. The premise of this story is a medieval version of an Italian Mafia story. Sort of a combination of 1400s Milan or Florence and 1930s New York (without guns and cars of course) but not focused on magic or mythological creatures, for I am familiar with FAWR but if you have any specific similarities be sure to let me know. Also, I initially released a small demo because I am planning on updating it periodically so I can have a regular fan base and people who are aware of the game every time an update comes out. Thank you for your concerns though!


I will definitely update and expand the story in the next update (either tomorrow or today) and the basic idea is that you get involved in the conflict of two powerful families and you have to manage a way to survive (either picking sides or having another family help you.) but more will be revealed as I released more. I wouldn’t want to have too many spoilers now would I? Thank you for your comment.


The game has been updated and the new link is in the description now. Give it a test and tell me what you think in the comments. Any more reccomendations or suggestions?

Also if you have any questions about what the game will feature please comment below. And if you have any questions regarding what you would be interested in it featuring, please comment below so I can tell you if it will be implemented or if I can do it!

Nice. I love renaissance stories. Will you have renaissance culture being talked about? Like being a patron for the arts or have dances and parties? Or mention fictional musicians, poets and intellectuals?


A feudal-ish city with distinct social classes and territories? Literally the same three choices of whether to be a poor, middle-class or noble child? The only thing missing is some hidden sinister masterplan which drags in the MC when they least expect it

But I’m still not sure where the story is headed so hopefully it should be distinct enough from to stand out. Waiting on those updates

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It looks like you get the concept there. I definitely will be implementing social events apart from typical slaughter and such. Also there are a few characters in this story who are reminiscent of famous people from the renaissance.

Considering the fact that there have always been three classes through most of history and in most hosted and choice of games, it’s not to similar to one in particular. I created the concept of Maffi (the middle class) being similar to small mafia families of the 30s and the Ducci families as a combination of huge mafia families and noble lords. If this concept seems to similar I’m sorry for however this may seem, but I simply do not see it.


If going through the stat chart and acessing other information was causing trouble by not being able to go to the stats main page, with the game crashing at the end, this will no longer happen. The bug has been fixed and the Stats Page is easier to use now.

I am here to issue an official statement regarding my earlier request that I ask be forgotten due to my lack in experience.

Best regards,

What? Are you dropping the project or going or pausing it?

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Oh don’t worry, I am not suspending the project. I will continue to regularly update it. I simply had an issue with another thread I had to suspend regarding this game. This one will continue to post new updates often.

Be sure to comment and post your thoughts on this work in progress game!

choosing stat make the page load endlessly . As in , it’s stuck and can’t proceed to next chapter .

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Are you using the updated demo or the old one?

demo 0.2 . tried all stat (charisma , strenght , intelligence…etc) and it just load on and on .