Boundless (WIP)

Progress: Hacking away steadily.


Taking: General questions/feedback/ideas/things you’d like to see. Bug finds.

Disclaimer: Don’t take this game too seriously.

Boundless (tentative title) is a low fantasy story about absolutely nothing in particular. You’ll play as the leader of a ragtag group of adventurers, with only one rule: never turn anyone down. Your ultimate goal is uncertain, and your motivation is not definite, but you all know to have fun with it.

Assemble your team, and explore the mountainous kingdom of Orterria, chasing adventure after adventure. Will you rise to be heroes or wander aimlessly? Will you use your influence for good or evil? The choice is yours!


Not ‘linear’ in the grand scheme of things. You unlock characters as you unlock new skills. Once you’ve gotten every character (which you are obligated to recruit, see Rule #1) the quests you unlock are randomly chosen. You may be suited to complete them, you may not. Attention to your own skillset and those in your team is vital.

In between quests is a chance to explore, build skills, interact with companions and other characters, and do some shopping as well.

Choices are small-scale, but have some effect on the course of the story, if only a little. Most are just pass/fail, but as the game nears completion things become a bit more complicated.

Characters are vital to the game. Knowing their strengths, weaknesses, and building trust is essential to the game’s progression.


There are small arcs for every major character, but really no plot if you don’t want there to be. This will be make sense soon (spoilers!).

Features and Non-Features:

• ‘Story-based’ battle system. Not turn-based, no HP. Choose who you want to fight alongside you and see how things play out…
• Consider the strengths of your character as well as those of your companions.
• Name yourself!
• Name your group!
• Seven interesting companions to join you on your adventures.
• The ‘Leader’, meaning you, has no set gender. This MAY change if I want to personalize more.
• Largely choose WHERE you want to go. You’re not restricted to one area as long as you’re in between quests.
• Survival mode, where keeping track of food rations adds a bit of a subtle challenge.
• A few items, but no actual inventory system.
• Romances are possible, but tricky. Completely optional.
• Friendship and Romance levels are two different stats.
• Cool riddles
• General tomfoolery
• Characters you don’t romance will romance each other… (Already set to happen by default, may add the ability to affect this.)
• Poison!
• Large spiders
• An ‘evil’ path. Or more specifically, morally ambiguous.
• Innkeepers
• Farming
• Lampshades

Things I’d like to Add:

• Magic
• More races (BIG maybe, will need some help with this)
• Two or three more companions

That was so much! Needed to spit all of my ideas out into the open just to get it all out.

Well, here’s my newest WIP. I was going to go for a psychic detective game, but I’m really feeling this more. I’ll tuck that one away for later. If there’s anything you’d like to know or comment on, feel free!


Interesting, so far this WIP looks very similar to what I had in mind for my game, I might have to change some things to avoid looking like I stole your ideas :sweat_smile:

Interesting and found two grammar errors destroid should be destroyed and aloud should be allowed

Thanks! Those were actually intentional, lol! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh okay now to make the word count

Thanks! :smile: Have you posted your game idea yet? What parts do you find similar? I’m sure it’ll be fine, I’d hate to have you get rid of any of your ideas.

In my game, the main character is not human, but after the introduction, he manages to track down a group of adventurers, and after that he could join the group, looking for quests, gold and glory. That is the most similar part :stuck_out_tongue:

I had posted a short demo here 2 weeks ago.

Ah, I see. I’ll take a look at it. I’m sure it’s okay, the concepts are similar but I think they’ll be executed quite differently. (:

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You had my curiosity…

but now you have my attention.


Something I realized rereading the intro… I’d accidentally made an awful alliteration in the first sentence, lol. Someone stop me.

In other news, I’m actually making really good progress. I expect a sizable demo (maybe a half hour?) will be up this weekend!

There is now a playable demo up! You can play up to the introduction. I’m still ironing out the coding in the first bit of questing, but I expect it will be done early next week. :blush:

I also made some adjustments to the Almanac. Beware of spoilers in the ‘companions’ section.

If there’s any bugs, misspellings, or other issues let me know! If you have any questions or suggestions, I’m certainly open to them!

(Edit: It should be up in a sec - Dropbox is really slow for me, haha. Link is in the OP)

The show stats button is not working for me…
(Removed the image, it is no longer needed.)
But other than that I’m loving the story already!

It seems that when I exported the stats file, the content was for the startup. Weird.

But it’s fixed now! Thanks!

You’ve got me interested, but right off the bat I gotta say that “never turn anyone down” seems like a horrible rule.

It is indeed…


All right, a small update! You can do some general wandering, shopping, and play up to the start of a quest. There are three of them so far, though none are finished. They’ll probably be done soon, but I wanted to release this so I could fix the almanac. I added a quite a bit more ‘lore’ to it you can read for fun.

As always, the link is in the OP. If you find any errors, let me know.

@seabean The gold in inventory remains 0 after the first job and even if you steal the innkeeper’s coins

I also got this error.

Right, I haven’t put in any values for gold yet, the next update will have it.

I’ll take a look at that error, thanks!

Also I lied about the companion quests, there are two. I forgot to to put in the path for the third one. That’ll be up once I get home, :slight_smile:

all right, I updated again, added the third quest, and fixed the errors. next update I expect won’t be out for a while, but it will certainly be longer! ^^

:frowning: non existent variable “potion”