Book of Hungry Names — More Portraits — Poll

We’re going to commission some more portraits for the Book of Hungry Names!

Four of them are already determined, but we’re going to leave two up to the community to vote on.

NB: If Goultier & Drax or Roland & Vindlérson win, than those will be the two. If either of those come in second place, then they will be disqualified and the next in the list will be accepted instead.

  • The drone
  • Mr. Goultier & Drax
  • The Knight of the Stolen Moon
  • Roland & Vindlérson
  • The Rosemary Street antiquarian
  • Scarper
  • Trevor
  • Professor Vandegrift
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Story-accurate Spirit of Porcupine or bust, man.


Bit of a let down that we never got a portrait of Black Tarn. She was the only decent person in the MC’s old pack.


Seconded, BT definitely needs a portrait


I feel that the Antiquarian getting a portrait would be sort of like a callback to the girl at the pawn shop in Night Road getting one. Might be a fun, subtle “continuity” kind of throughline.

Thirded for Black Tarn.

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I’m hoping that the reason Black Tarn isn’t an option in the poll is because she’s one of the four portraits already decided on.


I love this!

I genuinely hope that BT is on, but somehow, the writing is so descriptive that I feel like I can see her. Genuinely see her. At least her lupus form. Probably because I used to care for this big, raggedy community dog who was all black and aged. And he had that air about him - where he knew he was dying. He eschewed comfort and love and ate very little of what was given to him, but he kept going till the end and protected his pack with honour. Rip, Kaalu.

I also feel like I can see Pembe in all her bejeweled glory. I’m guessing her portrait must also be decided, along with whoever runs Epicycle, given that we got to see Gorsky. Same with Lucinda, given that we already have portraits of Hobland and Roscoe.