Blood Money — Take over your crime family with ghost power!



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For Power Share you need to choose to attend Fuchcia’s request in the final chapter, and then solve Octavia and Fuchcia’s dispute peacefully , for my case… i fully support Octavia and convince Fuchcia to trust her as well, then Octavia was impress with my past achievement and offer the co-leader position to me, i chose to accept and got the achievement


For Power Share, you also need to avoid taking sides between them too much through the game, or have encouraged them to work together.

For taking control of the family, go to Fuchsia when she asks you in Chapter 10, then choose the option stating that you want to be in charge yourself. From there you can do it lethally or non lethally.


Ah I enjoyed this! I ended up Leaving everything behind but aw, my sister died?! :sob: I protected them and didn’t betray them till that choice so I expected we would part our ways in good terms but well :frowning: Is there a way to pull them out of the family business? Or they stuck forever and I have to stay with them if I want them to stay alive?


I’m afraid not! If you stay with them you can try to get them to make peace, though…


Hi! How can you be successful with the R.O. Perreira? I have tried innumerable times but i couldn’t. How did you do it guys?


Pereira , i think first you , meet them at the inn , just say you wont hurt them and willing to be friend, accompany perreira to retrieve the evidence from police hq… then let them go, later you will have an option to drink with them in inn, play card with them and encourage them to be leader, you will have option to visit pereira should you love them


What @Eric_knight said! Plus you get more Pereira content and opportunities to flirt/improve the relationship by helping the police get hold of the building in Chapter 5, leaving your family and going to stay at Pereira’s apartment, or going to Pereira in Chapter 10 if they contact you asking for help.


Thanks so much! I will try to follow this. Hopefully, I’ll be successful this time.


Thanks so much too!!!


Good luck… Perreira is a fine RO :slight_smile:


Hope you enjoy! I have a lot of fondness for Pereira :blush:


I definitely will!!! Thanks again!!!


I must say it’s been a long time since I thoroughly enjoyed a CoG release so I was very happy to finally change that. Extensive role-playing options, no views being forced upon my character, a lot of choices that actually have effect, interesting setting (politics always make for one, be it familial or otherwise). We need more CoG games like that instead of the formulaic and overdone (in terms of weirdness of the setting) stuff we mostly get nowadays. Looking forward to the author’s next game, hopefully it will be at least as good as this one and won’t become victim of formulaic approach.


Perhaps you should read Choice of Magic as well …and

I don’t think many Cog/HG titles are formulaic and overdone to be honest :slight_smile:


I plan on playing Choice of Magics later.

And I was talking purely about CoG line when it cones to formulaic games. HG line is very diverse and in my opinion produces much more interesting games. CoG used to have great and unique games, but over time they were more and more similar in choice structure and more and more bizzare in terms of settings.


Really glad you enjoyed it!


Currently I’m just at the beginning of chapter 2, but since I made a fuss about on on Discord I figured I’d brag here, too: by fierce dedication and a little illicit code-diving I managed to get my Cold-Blooded stat up to 91%.

I will update on the status of my coolness when I’m deeper into the game.