Blood Money — Take over your crime family with ghost power!



Well… Octavia was the one who comfort me when i was having a nightmare , and the scene where we both having nightmare was heart warming as well… so i am just happy to be a Peacekeeper of the family :wink:


Now I have to play again as a horrible sibling.


I need to play again to see that ;/ , i had the feeling when i played for the first time that Octavia and Fuchcia only viewed my mc as a dog for hire, just someone to solve the family problems.


they kinda do view the MC like that. i could see it.


I believe you need to choose living in the Wing of the mansion, that’s logic since how is it possible for Octavia to come to us in the middle of the night if we are not living in the family mansion ? :slight_smile: I got 2 nightmare scenes with Octavia, plus a scene where mother possess her in an attempt to execute Estella, which i need to save both Octavia and Estella… plus there was a scene Octavia brought me candy after my return from botch mission early in the story …

I never felt that way, during Octavia’s night of coronation , i took her arm in a show of support to accompany her walk down the staircase :wink: and i have the liberty of dealing with Alexia , even gaining a double agent from the Faces… I also gave a good speech then :slight_smile: It had been fond memory till the end


What determines who becomes mayor? My mc supported and helped Nico and although the election bar favored Ferro (and my was friendly with him) Nico won


Mostly your actions on whichever side during the election chapter affect who wins. There are miscellaneous actions earlier that tip the bar, such as helping Ferro get the building in chapter 5, or helping Nico at the party in chapter 3. If the city’s mood is Complacent, it’ll give Ferro a head start, and Chaotic gives Nico one.

The result is based on an election stat, which is represented by the bar on the stats page, so in your case Nico should have been in the lead on the stats page - I’ll double check that all is working correctly.


It was no surprise for me then, because i help Nico and Reject Ferro on all occasion … the city’s mood was complacent ( >70) but i notice the stat clearly shows Nico was leading once the election start, although it was closed (53-47) in the end, i think obtaining the boats to carry the voters cement Nico’s victory


Hi! I’ve been absolutely loving the game, but I was wondering what’s the best way to help Helder and Nico in chapter 3?


Yes just dont be on Otavia side and when other sister ask about change u lie and say yes,after that u can easy take charge,if u survive.


You can banish the ghost with high Forceful, anchor her with high Mystical, talk to Helder subtly (lie with high Devious, threaten with high Forceful, offer a job with high Principled, or tell them about a demolition with high Intellectual), or talk to Helder directly (calmly with high Principled, bluntly with high Forceful, gently with high Inspiring, talk about magical risks with high Mystical). If you fail to banish or anchor the ghost, you can talk to Helder subtly or openly (as above) get Helder a job elsewhere (high Principled), or spread rumours about the house being a flood risk (high Intellectual)

Whether or not you succeed in solving the problem, it’s possible to get Nico relationship bonuses or reductions and in some cases bonuses or reductions to Nico’s election campaign later when you talk to him afterwards.


Blood Money is alright, overall. It has an interesting scenario, being part of an old aristocratic crime family with considerable power, and having magical powers over ghosts gave the protagonist some distinction. But there were some problems with it.

The first issue is the heavy female cast to the story. The authors preference is rather apparent here. There is the Mother and the Aunt, then the two sisters, the two antagonists (Police Chief and Faces’ leader), two cousins, the players old friend, and two of the Faces’ own blood mages; all women. The only male characters of note that I still remember is Ferro and Nico. That’s all. I would not count Luis because he is a ghost and no longer human, one we only see a few times. Couldn’t there have been a few more male characters? An Uncle instead of an Aunt, a brother for one of the two siblings, a male antagonist in place of the Police Chief or Faces’ leader? It feels like there is a heavy female cast, and a male protagonist just feels out of place within the story. It ruined the immersion, for me.

I wouldn’t necessarily lay blame the author on this, though. When buried in the fine detail of a story, especially Choice games, it is not always clear to an author that they have populated their cast with too many of the same type of character. The beta testers, however, should have picked up on this and advised the author to balance out the genders. The beta testers dropped the ball here, I think.

The only other major concern was that some of the choices were not clear as to which stats they relate to, and whether or not your choices were effective in any given scene. During the early stages of the game, it is clear, more or less, which choices are related to which stats and whether you are effective in said choice’s execution. But sometimes it is not. Like the coronation scene, for example.

When the protagonist enters the room with their sisters, they have a choice as to how to enter. In two of my playthroughs, going for an aggressive play and then a persuasive, both times I failed the choice to enter the room after my sisters, missing my chance to make a grand entrance. I figured it would not be best for an aggressive, feared character to do this, but I was surprised it did not work for my persuasive, admired character. So, which stat does that particular choice relate to? Inspiring seemed to be the most obvious stat, at least to me, and yet it didn’t work.

I also find it amusing how the protagonist can be inspiring (persuasive) but not able to be devious (able to lie and deceive) effectively. How can one be persuasive but not lie effectively? It seems to be counter-intuitive, at least to me.

As you progress through the game, the choices become harder to predict in terms of which stat they relate to, or even whether the choices were effective. The text given after a later choice was somewhat ambiguous, I found, and I was not sure if I succeeded or failed in said choice’s stat tests. The given text seems to depict a struggle that was survived through, rather than overcome or triumphed. So, did I fail the stat test? Or is it supposed to be seen more of a struggle because the protagonist is facing harder and harder challenges? I am just not sure.

It is important that the player knows well which choices relate to which stat, to the point where it becomes obvious. A good way to do this is place the word of the stat into the choice itself. Not subtle, admittedly, but it does the job well.

As a final note, I found it amusing that one of the Faces’ blood mages attempts to persuade you over to their side at one point. Yeah, because an aristo is really going to forsake their lofty position in a wealthy and powerful crime family to join a bunch of back alley thugs in the gutter of society. And what was this great prize for turning traitor against one’s own blood? To be listened to a bit more! Seriously, they have no idea! If the choice was there, I would have laughed in their face at the very suggestion, so juvenile is it. Even if my sisters do treat me like a servant (and, honestly, I never saw it as bad as all that), I still live very well and have a strong position; so strong, in fact, that my two ‘superiors’ rely on me quite heavily. I am curious if anyone did join the Faces, not out of their curiosity over that branch of the story but because they genuinely wanted to join them over staying with the family.

So, yeah, the story is alright. Interesting scenario, a heavy female cast, choices are a bit of a puzzle, and there are some amusing moments. I give the game a 5 out of 10.


Have to agree about the heavy female cast, that just kill me for making a male mc, mostly because for me, he would be kind out of place.


Funny, it’s almost like women are made to feel out of place in a male-heavy world… :wink:


I found the more female heavy cast extremely refreshing, and it didn’t make me feel weird with a male mc at all, for me it’s a definite plus,


that’s personal opinion, i don´t have anything against it either, but… for “me” makes no sense a male mc on the family that all the major characters are female, that just breakes the immersion i have on playing the game.


Fair enough. I’m sure it makes no sense to my brother either–two sisters, a mom, dad deceased :wink:


Politics aside, it is simply advisable to have a balanced cast in a Choice game, and that no one trait is made too common among all the characters. Variety is key.


I liked it reminded me of my real life as well. Three older sisters, mom, and my grandmother.


How many male, female, and nonbinary or genderflippable characters are there in Blood Money? @HannahPS