Blood Money — Take over your crime family with ghost power!



Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for your comments over the first couple of days after launch. The constructive criticism will be useful for my future work, and I’m so glad people are enjoying the game. The story and characters having an effect on people is just fantastic - I love that the sibling dynamic has been interpreted in such a varied way!


Yes … i agree , i would think the sibling interaction is more engaging and suspense as compare to the romance interaction , the romance interaction with Silvian and Pareira had their moment , especially the 2 missions scene with Silvian , the one with Juli and the prison rescue … i didn’t chose the final mission with Silvian as i chose to engage the matters with my sisters , i had always feel that the dealing with Octavia and Fuhcia are more alive with their different personality , i love the scene of the final mission to solve the rift between them when it was described Octavia willing to attend the meeting alone (without bodyguard) in a show of trust to me, while Fuchcia brought along 4 runners to the meeting , Octavia’s innocent personality is one reason i chose to support her for the throne … can’t imagine she will survive the cutthroat business alone…

In the final mission , we are given choice to attend a mission we prefer…i am wondering perhaps in your future work , there will be consequence for the missions we chose not to deal with …it needs not to be life and dead consequence , perhaps instead with some painful guilt ?

example : MC had a plan date with A, but at the last moment receive a call of help from B… if MC attend the date, romance interaction will be obtain but at the expense of B getting harm and laying in hospital … If MC help B, B is saved and grateful but relationship with A is ruined

Edit : by the way, i manage to save Rocha , but after defeating the Face… she is not mention anymore, as Alexia’s lieutenant perhaps there should be some sort of closure for Rocha like whether she join Alexia in the dungeon or Exile, or she join the Delgado’s rank instead


I see what you mean about Rocha - it was one of those fiddly details that didn’t end up getting called back.

There is a fair amount of feedback about the Delgado’s afterwards if you go to someone other than Fuchsia - less so for the other possible missions, so I see your point!

Glad you enjoyed the relationships with Otavia and Fuchsia! I’ve seen people saying that they like them but at the same time they’re infuriating - which is a very fun interpretation :blush: I enjoyed writing closer and more distant/rebellious dynamics for different playthroughs.


:stuck_out_tongue: Well, based on my logic Octavia is the one facing the real danger … she has no chance against Fuchcia… so i must intervene in order to prevent Fuchcia harming her , as for the other i am confident they are more than able to at least survive their encounters, at least until i save Octavia first before going back for them

Hmmm… personally i would think Octavia is the kindest in the Delgado family, she had been trying to handle family business in the most civilised manner, i understand bribery is still a crime but this is the only way Octavia prevent people from getting hurt… and in multiple dealing with the Faces, she had been trying to reduce bloodshed especially she will be the one who beg for Alexia’s mercy

I actually worry the condition of Octavia much more, wondering why mother put her in such perilous situation ? If the MC is as cruel as Fuchcia , i can hardly imagine what will happen to her


Actually Octavia killed Fuchcia and her supporters when she rebelled after I left the family. So she’s not incompetent without you she can get things done when she needs to.


I just took the role of the stoic altruistic calculating elder sister and abandoned the family to help Nico

Dont get me started on that feud. I worked against both of them for the most part. More things to worry about than dealing with that feud. Like helping Nico and Silvian


Disappointed there was no way to kill him or screw him over like the others like Pareira and Silvian.


lol, on my playthrough it was Fuchcia that killed octavia, its is random or there is something that affect which sister will die?


I’m gonna guess it’ll depend on your relationship with each of them and who you support more.


That seems to be the case i guess, but the relationship interfering with that doesn’t make sense to me, mostly because i choose to left the family


Hmmmm … i would guess the relationship stat affecting the outcome doesn’t reflect the “logic” of their strength and personality .

Octavia had never shown the personality of bloodthirst or the willingness to go into violence with anyone, the mission against the Faces had shown it… where she is practically the one who beg for their mercy

Octavia also never display a talent to organise her troops, as negotiation is her main strength ,

the only way Octavia could potentially defeat Fuchcia is with the help of the Aunt, who had been her loyal supporter , but even so… i don’t think Octavia will willingly kill her own sister when she was willing to spare Alexia


Well she clearly did in my playthrough. Fuchcia was willing to kill her for power. Octavia isn’t stupid she has people loyal to her as well. Her sister tried it once she’s not dumb enough to let her go walking free after that.
Just because she’s doesn’t like violence or bloodthirst doesn’t mean she won’t do what has to be done. After what Fuchcia did she’s a threat and a hazard to her.


Hmmm… personally i feel that was a bit uncharacteristic , perhaps it could be made more logical with a more detail background …

and if Octavia willing to let Alexia live, i don’t see why she won’t allow Fuchcia to live … the reasons which you mention why Fuchcia shouldn’t be allowed to live once she started a coup is logical , however it is with the character and personality of Octavia that i don’t believe she is willing to kill anyone , Fuchcia also mention early on Octavia like to “talk” but never did any action

wish we could had a chance to beta text earlier so that we can have our inputs… well our argument actually is with a good intention to the story over all :slight_smile:


People change. Human beings do not think the same forever. Fuchcia betrayal shocked her enough and probably showed her that she needs to be tougher.


People may change but it won’t be easy …i had read some poem like " Landscape of any dynasty may change easily, but the soul of a person won’t change easily " :stuck_out_tongue:

If i am not mistaken , Octavia is still very young, 10 years younger than MC … so she shouldn’t change over night into a cold-hearted murderer , my presumption is she will just exiled Fuchcia or keep her in the dungeon :slight_smile:


She will change over night when her sister tries to murder her for power.


Not everyone :smile: Some people will be more forgiving and merciful :stuck_out_tongue:


Exactly not everyone. Octavia clearly has had enough.


Honestly i had never felt her anger , she had been consistently kind for the length of the story … so i have to disagree :slight_smile: Octavia still feel like a little sister , i don’t know why Fuchcia had to kill her …


She hides her anger. If you play as a terrible sibling you’ll see her hide what she really wants to say and do. Fuchcia was already trying to undermine Octavia from the beginning all she wants is to be in charge.