Blood For Poppies (Public Beta Test Now Live! Game Complete! 10/9/20)

Yep, it is a bug. It’s the achievement system (again), which has been a little bit of a headache to test. Quicktest isn’t catching it apparently? :dizzy_face: Regardless, fixed! Thanks for letting me know.

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Update: BfP was originally scheduled for release as a HG on June 3rd, but this release date has been moved to August 5th.

I figured I would let folks know what’s up. I’ve said it before, but I’m busy busy busy. I’m a grad student presently studying for my comprehensive exams in addition to my teaching responsibilities. In other words, I’m busier than I’ve been before. There are plenty of authors who manage day jobs and write plentifully and quickly; I’m not one of them!

Either way, I’m excited to get this thing out into the world (finally) as a published product, but unfortunately the game has always been something I’ve had to do between other responsibilities. I know people say it has taken forever to complete the game (8 years or something), but I’m just proud I managed to do it at all despite everything.

Anyway, thanks for the patience and support over the years!


Thanks for the update! Definitely buying this story when it comes out. I remember reading this years ago (yikes I’m old :rofl:) in 2012 and it’s always stuck with me ever since!

Good luck with exam and teaching and congrats on publishing it and sticking with it after all these years!


You can say this game has stuck with me all these years too. I went through pretty much a decade of life while toiling on this thing! I was a baby when I started and now I’m old haha.

Thanks for the support, as always!

BTW, I have three black cat siblings that I love very much, so your avatar/username makes me unreasonably happy.


You should be proud. It takes time and effort to write a game. Even longer when you take into account possible work, study and family duties as well.

You kept at it despite it all and you finally finished it. That is enough to be proud. Just remember the only reason someone will comment about the time it takes is someone who your story has swallowed up and drawn in completely.

Looking forward to the release :slight_smile:


Congratulations anyway @LacetheDisgrace. And you should already know that life is messy and heavy, you fighting through everything in irl and finishing this story is an extremely incredible thing to do.

And there are so many people (like almost 200 users) followed this over all those years, it’s really a proud worthy work.

I’ll definitely wait for this to come out.

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I’ve talked about some of my struggles before, so I want folks to know that I’m in a much better place now than I was even a year ago. It’s taken a lot of time, but I feel like I’m finally on the other side of grief and depression. I mean, I’ll never be completely over it. It will always be a part of me, but I feel a sort of peace and contentment. It’s nice, and a year ago I wouldn’t have thought it was even possible. Blegh, getting personal, but the point is that I’m doing well.


Wise words. Thank you. People underestimate how much work it is, I think. We know that the planning, writing, coding, bug-testing, and etc. is a lot. I don’t know how authors like Gower produce games over a million words long (and not only is it long, but good!). Haha I wish but not likely to happen!


Ah, thank you! Sweet words and very helpful to me. I’m happy people have stuck around, although I try not to pay too much attention to numbers. If people enjoy it, I’m glad. If they don’t, well, I made something I want to play.


I know what you mean I’ve passed by 377,000 words for season two of UnNatural and that is the longest thing I have written. I can’t even imagine how much 1 million words looks like lol


It’s amazing to think that though. And it’s scary wonderful when they write an amazing content in half the time.


Ah, that’s amazing. It sounds like season 2 is a complex game. That reminded me to download season one and play through it again. I’ve started going back through some CoG/Hosted Games classics again (Way Walkers! Unnatural! CoV! and many more). Everyone should go play these right now if they haven’t, but I’m sure everyone has played these already.

Oh, uh, and to update everyone on BfP.

On my end, I’ve submitted all of the required art and game assets. There have been revisions and changes, but it makes for a better game. I will likely take the beta-testing link down soon since this thread has run it’s course and an official release is imminent.

As always, thanks for the support!

Right now I’m kicking around a few ideas for the next fiasco. Obviously this would be a long-term project (expect nothing soon!). Which one I pick will depend on whatever medium I choose. If I do another text-based choice game, I’d probably do a Discworld/MythAdventures-esque fantasy. For a visual novel, I was thinking about a dark fantasy otome game like DemonHeart or Berserk with a feminine perspective. Both very different ideas haha. IDK, we shall see. I’m in no damn hurry.


Pre-Release Update (7/23/21)

Didn’t think I would post in this thread again, but here I am! I’m so happy this thing finally has wings, so to speak, and is soon-to-be released. Happy days ahead indeed.

Beta-tester Credits

Now that all assets have been submitted and the release date is impending, I’m working on creating a more detailed credits page that specifically accounts for betatesters who helped with the project. Obviously, since this has been an ongoing project for years, many folks in this thread have contributed. I have a list of individuals to contact personally, but it’s likely I’ve missed many people who contributed substantially at some point over the years! I should have kept better track of this earlier in the process, but that’s water under the bridge now.

If you would like to be credited for beta-testing contributions for BfP, send me a private message addressing the following:

a.) Consent that you would like to be credited.

b.) The name under which you would like to be credited. This can be a screenname or your actual name.

As always, thanks!

New Art

Oh, and there’s new art to go along with the official release. I’m hoping to retain all of Pale_Strider’s art in the official release (because it’s perfect), but since I only have .jpg copies that can’t be resized appropriately and no communication with the original artist, I also had to scrounge up new art to use alongside it. I tried to keep it in the spirit of Pale_Strider’s style. Anyway, HG has pretty specific guidelines for art assets I wasn’t aware of 8+ years ago.

BFP Title Text


Congratulations! Looking forward to finally seeing it coming out. I’m loving the new artwork by the way. Any chance we could see artwork of Doctor by the new artist at some point?

To put my two pence in, I’d be interested in seeing a revival of Down and out in damnation.

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Thanks! I actually created the new artwork myself. I didn’t have a lot of time to put all this together, so it’s unlikely there will be any additional art. I definitely considered adding art of Doctor at one point or the other, but this ended up not happening (I think I was busy and distracted at the time). I may create a portrait of Doctor to add into the game, but this would happen after release since I don’t have time to do that right now. As far as I know, the release is still August 5th! Eep. So soon.

I’m toying around with returning to Down and Out in Damnation. It’s an interesting little project. I even tried pursuing the webcomic format for it (Down and Out in Damnation | WEBTOON), but I’m not very experienced with creating comics and my interest fizzled. I’m definitely most interested in it being a choice game or visual novel. My only hesitation in returning is that I haven’t quite figured out where that story would go. Like I said, I’m in no damn hurry, so I have plenty of time to figure it out. Your vote of confidence has been noted!

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Wow! You are a good artist.

Like I said, I definitely would like to see a portrait of Doctor at some point, as I’ve always wanted to know what he looked like.

Congratulations again for completing this game, especially keeping your motivation over all these years. :tada:

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Congrats! :partying_face: