Blood For Poppies (Public Beta Test Now Live! Game Complete! 10/9/20)

Great advice; I went ahead and added a little “Notes about content” to the main post. I also added a warning about violence because, well, You can do things like murder Doctor with a metal bar and hit Carmelle.

Also, thank you for the kind words. Magnificent is quite a compliment. I am unworthy, but happy. OTL


NEW UPDATE 11/21/20

Man, it feels good to be at this point. I can almost see a finish line for this game. I fully expect to have this complete and ready to submit to Hosted Games by the end of this year, perhaps earlier. Before I do such a thing, however, I want to aggressively punch the bugs out of this thing. At this point, the game is pretty technically sound. Most of my playthroughs don’t end in a burning heap of errors. I’m most concerned about continuity errors in the story/text that quicktext and randtest don’t catch; only human playtesters can really catch them.

If anyone has the time and inclination to become a dedicated playtester, send me a PM! I’d be very appreciative of any help and, of course, I’d credit your playtesting work. I really want to polish this game enough for publication. And who knows, you might influence the game for the better. I’ve added some of the best features of the game in response to playtesting feedback.

Changelog for 11/21/20 Update

*This update adds around +5000 words or so. The word count is now around 184,000.

  • It was before possible for an MC to sustain several romances at once, which is fine but isn’t properly accounted for in the story. Now if the MC asks Kel or Ashton to start a romantic relationship while they’re with someone else, they will respond appropriately. These interactions are kinda cute. Fun little stuff. Y’know, a distraction from the crushing existential despair.

  • I expanded the chats in Chapter 5. No more one line responses that were pretty much filler/placeholders (because I was tired)! Around 3,000 words of content added here, maybe more. As always, you won’t see all of this in one playthrough since the chats change depending on the MC’s relationship with each character.

  • Fixed an error in Chapter 5. If the MC chooses to “chat with Carmelle”, her chats weren’t properly cycling. Now her chats will cycle properly, allowing the MC to see all of her possible conversations.

  • Fixed a continuity error involved in the path in which the MC becomes Doctor’s heir and resumes Doctor’s work in Chapter 6. This continuity error also affects the path in Chapter 6 where the MC and Poppy work together on mad science. Even if the MC previously destroyed the machine, the text acted as if the MC had not destroyed it. This is fixed. The narrative now recognizes that the MC previously destroyed the machine. Before the MC (or the MC and Poppy) may resume conducting mad science, they must first rebuild the machine. Further, the MC may now enlist Kel’s help in this task…if he’s alive. Substantial content has been added here.

  • Alyce will no longer appear on the stat screen before the MC meets her in Chapter 3.