Beyond the Glass Door (WIP) (early stage of development)

First things first. English is not my native language, nor am I particularly good at it or comfortable writing in it. Despite all of that I still decided to give making a choice game. Because of that, you will probably encounter lots of jarring grammatical errors and other goofs. I can only promise that I tried my best and I’m eager to improve my writing abilities as the time goes on.

Now that we got that out of the way…

The story of "Beyond the Glass Door"
In it, you play as a Crow, which is a word describing people with your particular set of magical abilities. You start in a world that is an alternate version of our world but with magic. (creative, I knooow) Magic is extremely rare and there are certain types of magic the person can be born with. The player begins the story as someone that didn’t know the magic existed but is in for a rude awakening when a couple of people from Underdark come looking for help from a crow and won’t take no for an answer.

What is a Crow

Crows are a type of mage, meaning that they are able to learn basic

magic along with the magic that is exclusive to them. Crows are more of

an ideology, but it’s pretty universal to call people that don’t share their

ideology that so that’s what we’re sticking up with for now.

Crows are either Seers or Dreamwalkers and very rarely both.
Both utilise dreaming as a way to use their magical abilities but there a some things they don’t need to be dreaming to do.

Crows are guardians of the living that use their abilities to help ghosts pass on to afterlife, calm raised undead, bring people from the Gates of Death, necromancy (which is bad, don’t do that), kill demons.

What is a Seer

Basically, Seers are a type of mage that can lucid dream future events or have future premonitions when touching people/things.

What is a Dreamwalker

Basically, Dreamwalkers are a type of mage that can use lucid dreaming to impact reality by moving to various place after leaving their body. It usually involves assassinations.

What is a Crow's idealogy

Crows aren’t supposed to raise people from death. They are able to ressurect people, but playing with death is a game that only a god can play (or someone with similar power). Mainly because once you revive someone you can only bring them back in body not soul.

Another forbidden thing is to, never, under any circumstances make pacts with the demons. It is highly frowned upon no matter your magic type, but Crows take it much more seriously, mainly because a demon possessing a Crows body is far more dangerous than if they possessed a normal mage. It is also because the Crows swear to protect the living from both demons and undead.

Crows believe the demons should be killed to protect humanity and world balance.

What is Underdark

Underdark is a parallel to our world, where the ratio of magical to non-magical people is reversed. It’s a very dark world (literally!) with not many human civilizations remaining. Most of the once existing countries were swept from the face of the earth during many storms of demons. Demons are not native beings of this world but with time more and more of them begin to appear, at first small and weak but later on more gigantic and deadly.

What are Demons

Demons in this universe are a bit different than what is a considered a demon in ours. For one they are not hideous or anything, in fact they look completely human. (unless they are a Wisp) That is as long they are in their own plane of existence.

There are two kinds of demons. Those that look somehow human and Wisps. Wisps are lowest form of demon, they do not have a personality and they do not have body. They are spiritual beings that succumbed to their primal instincts.

When the demons enter Physical World they must first pass through the Veil Tears. Lower demons will turn to Wisps during that process while other demons will become horrific creatures.

Other than that, demons can’t enter the Physical World while reatining their physical form. But what they can do is enter dead animal bodies or people that agreed to let them by making a pact. That is why Crows are needed, they can make rituals ensuring the dead animals won’t become the demons’ target.

When a demon enters animal body they lose part of themsleves, in time becoming a Wisp.

Every demon at the core of their being is lead by one of the Deadly Sins, demons other than Wisps also represent on of the Virtues. When the demon succumbs fully to their sin they can become a Wisp even without leaving their plane of existance.

Demons can visit magical people dreams, because of the connection magical people have to Mindscape (a realm of existence between our world and the demons’ world). In those dreams they will usually attempt to make a deal or try to kill a person dreaming to enter their bodies.

When a human commits to one of the Deadly Sins a new Wisp is born.

Fortunately, the Veil Tears in Human World are basically nonexistent which means the demons aren’t able to enter physically or by entering animal bodies. But that’s not the case for Underdark.

What is a Veil Tear

Veil Tear happens when a tear in Veil occurs. (duh!) It happens when a lot of people use magic in one place or when they use very powerful magic. Small tears can also happen in places where the Veil is weakend if the demons put enough pressure trying to pass the barrier to a Physical World.


Yes there are planned at least 8 (I’m not sure about one) romances avaiable to all players, 1 with gender selected by PC(maaybe), 4 Female, 3/4 Male. Some ROs may have certain preferences which will require the player to do “more work” to romance them.

I will either find a way to make the 4 guy romanceable or will change the RO with changeable gender to locked male. I don’t know, I want to be fair and give people options.

Currently I have about 33% of prologue which stands at whopping 8k words.
I mainly post it to receive some feedback about couple of stuff and also to check it people would be interested in the story at all, I guess.

I actually decied to write this story as a learning experience before I work on my novel that also takes place in this universe. I wanted to earn some confidence in my writing skills and at the same time familiarize people with the universe that I created.

The Demo.


  1. How many times were reactions based on your Stress/Confidence Level disconnected from what your MC (in your opinion) was supposed to feel?
[poll type=regular results=always min=1 max=5 public=true]
  • All the time
  • A lot of times
  • Sometimes
  • Rarely
  • Never
[/* [poll ]
  1. How do you feel about Stress/Confidence mechanic?
[poll name=poll2 type=regular results=always public=true]
  • Needs rework
  • Is alright
  • Is bad
  • Deleeeete this shit Chop chop
[/* [poll ]
  1. How do you feel about Luck System?
[poll name=poll3 type=regular results=always public=true]
  • Luck System is okay
  • Luck System needs rework
  • Luck System is stupid
[/* [poll ]
  1. How do you feel about Randomization of stat System?
[poll name=poll4 type=regular results=always public=true]
  • It’s fine keep it
  • It’s stupid ditch
  • It needs more balance
[/* [poll ]

Every time I want to go to sleep but see a interesting WIP: Ah shit here we go again.

I’m not a fan of randomization in stats but neither did I already played it nor want I be rude and call it a stupid ditch.

Stress sound promising. I will check it out and make the polls afterwards. But could you make the options less rude? I feel like insulting you if I choose them.


Ahh, sorry I kinda wanted the options to sound funny but it seems it didn’t quite worked out haha :sweat_smile: I’ll change the options~

to me this feel going to be good read wish you luck

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Well, considering that English isn’t your native language, the grammar looks pretty good though I have to read over it again since my brain is basically running on fumes. The Stress/Confidence system sounds really interesting, I’m looking forward to seeing how it evolves. I’m not usually a fan of randomization for stats but it hasn’t really been implemented into the story as much for me to get a true felling on it.

Also, I would like to welcome you to the community. I’m looking forward to see what else you have in store. :slightly_smiling_face:


I already have some plans on how to revamp it. Whether it will just be a small couple of changes will depend on whether are reactions based on Stressed/Confidence Level immersion breaking for them. I don’t want to tell people how they are supposed to feel.

Thank you, it means a lot to me :hugs:

Oop, apparently I’m not allowed to change the poll settings after 5 minutes and I was a big slowpoke while doing it so it seems the options are there to stay, well… :sweat_smile: TIL

Thanks you for all of these save slots, I know I would need them. The Luck System confuses me, wasn’t sure what it affected.

Is one of them, an demon? :wink:


third option came up as a bug.

I get this bug when I choose first “I’m good at persuasion” and the second choice “I’m very agile”.

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Pffff necromancy is always good


I like the game. This far were a fun (even if short) ride! Tbh I didn’t got much to see of the system (Or just didn’t noticed)

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prologue line 743: Invalid expression at char 37, expected no more tokens, found: NAMED_OPERATOR [or]

I just found this error, thought I’d let you know @NikaFox

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No problem haha, I always cry when there only two save slots.:sweat_smile:
Mainly because the 0.Slot always glitches out form me on mobile, ughhh.

The Luck System will have more impact later on when there will be actual skill checks. Right now the player just chose their main stats. The only way to experience some Luck System variation is to successfully lie on the second interview question.

I’m also not sure whether Luck should impact the gain of stats when the player says their specializations. I don’t want people to choose their specialization and get too much or too little stat rise. I’ll try to see if I can get it balanced first and we’ll see.

Would you be satisfied with a kind of a half-demon??:smirk:

Demons in their natural, physical form I’m afraid we won’t meet for some time now. When the lower ones pass the Veil they become a Wisp, when a much higher demon passes the barrier their physical form too (unfortunately or not) undergoes changes and the strongest of them change into a dragon.

The closest to an actual demon in their natural form we’ll see maybe in our dreams, haha.

I’ll try to fix it along with other bugs later today :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I may or may not let the player play with it a bit :zipper_mouth_face:
But it may be locked on the Baddie path, because I kinda can’t imagine people around MC ever allowing them to do that sort of thing and stay alive. :roll_eyes:

Well most of them, at least.

Did you get inspiration from dragon age?
And also, is there a chance that the MC gets possessed by a demon later down the story?

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Yes, the part about the Veil was inspired by Dragon Age. The Deadly Sins and all is actually something I thought of before I started playing DA.

I plan this to be one of the Routes of the game, the “Evil Route”. I observed on the forums here that people like the freedom to explore the potentially morally evil or questionable choices. Who knows, maybe I’ll make the possibility of getting possessed without being “evil” for extra angst. :grin:

Sounds interesting can’t wait to try it

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Is a wisp or a standard demon more powerful?

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A standard demon is more powerful but a Wisp is far more common.

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