Between Two Points (title is also a WIP)

Uh hey guys and gals, so like many other lurkers here I have been amazed by the works of so many authors that I’ve decided to make my own titled Between Two Points which is a mix of fantasy/sci-fi and is heavily inspired by works of art such as Game of Thrones, The War of the West, Lords of Aswick, The Great Tournament 1 & 2, and Kingdoms: Embers in Ashes.

You start off as the first born child of lord Erik and lady Melisa of house Logar where they reside in the Rockhill Mountains, which is west in the land of Unis. There you will live out your childhood up until your twelfth birthday where you will be sent to the kingdom of Neyork in the east due to a pact that was forced upon your house over 2 millenniums by the first king of Unis. The story will then progress into how you will serve the king and queen of Neyork against your will and how the choices you make will not only affect Unis and its people but how it also affect the many countries surrounding it as well.

So that’s the story so far, and while I am currently writing out the story, it will be quite a while until I actually put up a WIP link here seeing as I am busy with work and currently have a writer’s block. But this is something that I truly want to work on and it will be one of the biggest projects that I have ever done.

Key Features

  • Stats System
  • 10 romamceable characters with unique romamce quests that will also be heavily story driven.
  • you will get to fully customize your character however you like which also includes their physical looks and their sexuality as well.
  • illustrated maps, settings and characters as well

NOTE: It is very important that I let you guys know that this story will be dealing with heavy stuff such as rape, drugs, suicide and other things as well. You should also know that most of the lands and characters in the story are based off actual locations and people.

I will also add more to this thread such as the characters and settings if you guys want to know


Sounds pretty interesting! Looking forward to reading it.

Sign me up I like the premise so far :kissing:

:astonished: That’s a lot of ROs!


This is a very interesting idea and I’m looking forward to seeing it develope. Please let me know if there is a WIP available.

I enjoy what I see! Love the premise!

This looks really good can’t wait to play it

Looking good so far!

First off I love this idea! I have always wanted for there to be another lords of aswick like game as it is my favorite. I’m getting a Theon Greyjoy vibe the from the mc with the whole hostage against their will.

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