Beta for Marine Raider II: Off Guadalcanal

Marine Raider II, the beta. Longer, stronger, and more complex that the original. Plus, a submarine.


The dropbox file link is here. Beta-testers, tell me what I got right and wrong so that I can fix it. Also, the game is only approximately 30% done right now, so I certainly accept ideas and thoughts along with any critique.


Omg i love this game have my babies no foam mouth? crap

There’s a messed-up sentence on the first page:

Days later, American Carriers scored a decisive victory at Midway island
and lost four of their carriers in an attempt to seize that strategic

Obviously the Japanese lost those carriers. Also, isn’t it the “Corps,” not the “Corp?”

Allen you glorious bastard!!! This was one of my favourite C.o.Gs!

Thank you! Off to the link I go!

Congratulations @Distracteddad. You are the winner of a prize I should come up with for being the first editor of Marine Raider II. I’ve fixed the two errors… wow, how did I miss Corps, not Corp? I suspect I’ve been proof reading for too long and have stopped seeing words for the grammar.

@Razgriz Cat_Raider - Umm, thank you? :slight_smile:

@Razgriz - Enjoy.

At one point there is an unnecessary line break leaving empty space at the top of the page. The line that comes after the unnecessary break is “Yes Sir,” Baker agrees, “its probably…”

If at the firing range you eject the jammed round yourself one of the options when talking to the Corpsman says “Just bandage the me up”

More coming if I find them

There’s a bug when talking to the orderly in the jeep. I chose the option that started with something like “I expect…” and it took right to the beginning of the game. At least my stats didn’t reset.

“Yeah, it would, {$gender_title},” Merrik replies evenly.

I love how you keep pumping these HGs out. :slight_smile: Can’t wait to see this published.

quick question is this a standalone or is it possible to transfer save and use our previous MC?

Another AllenGies game and the sequel to Marine Raider is in development now eh? I am definitely buying this game when it comes out.

Okay. I an officially in love. There’s a great feel to this game, and I love how you handle the dialog. It feels very natural, you’ve got a good flow to the story and thumbs up for being inclusive.

I honestly couldn’t think of any major things that I would have liked to be different, the only thing I am a bit uncertain about (I a new to these games) is the longer discussions you can have with people, where you can select many options one after another. Are they just there for fun, or do our choices actually help shape things? It feels like you can pick almost all of them, so is the order in which you pick them what is important or is it just to add more choices and the possibility to skip things if you have already played it a lot?

This is more of a question than a criticism, I am curious to see how other writers handle their stories, and since I really like this, I am curious to see what is under the hood.

I love this game and I loved the first one too. Can’t wait till its all done

One grandfather was a Marine in Korea, the other served in the Army Air Corps at Okinawa. The first Marine Raider was one the first CoGs I played and always one of my favorites. Some things I did notice though,

On the page after how you decide how to deal with the sniper in training and Establish that Baker is part of the Old Breed he has this line" Just like back on Toga island, only this time we won’t get shot at for real," At least in my own head that line sounded less badass Old Breed than seems proper. maybe shorten it to “Just like back on Toga.”

I’ve played through it about four times now, I’m loving this one even more than the first one. One thing I certainly like about it over the original is that you seem to know your men better and they know you. I was wondering if you had posted somewhere what decisions were standardized from Marine Raider?

@Crotale - Those are all good errors for me to correct. Thank you.

@CaballeroDeAndromeda - Oh, that isn’t a bug. At least not really. I edited a few things and then uploaded a new file while you were playing. When that happens, the game automatically takes you back to the beginning. I had that happen a few times while I was alpha testing and it left me wondering until I figured things out.

@Samuel_H_Young - Yeah, I’m working hard on these. But publishing is a ways off for this one. :smile:

@djma46 - This is, right now, being used as a stand alone. It might eventually be possible to transfer a save from the original Marine Raider, but I’d have to refit it quite a bit and that would be too much of a delay at present. But it is certainly something to think about, both now and in the future if I do a Marine Raider III.

@Herrington -Glad to hear it, and I do appreciate all the support. Sometimes it feels like its just me versus the keyboard.

@malinryden -I’m glad the dialogue seems natural. That was my intention. As for the format I use, sometimes it is a Q&A session, other times the conversation will lead you places. Tin Star had several of those where the conversation suddenly veers off course. But for Marine Raider things are usually pretty direct. Later on there may be more divergent pathing between you and your Marines as you get to know them, but for the early part things are fairly simple.

I often let certain questions shape the three main stats. Knowledge/Intuition, Judgment/Enterprise, Tact/Objectivity. Sometimes there is also a chance to adjust a personal relationship depending on how you ask or answer a given question. Both Edson and Brockman respond differently to certain lines of inquiry and that may affect how things play out later.

@Countryreb94 -Thank you, but there will be a delay while I write. The more complex scenes are time intensive. The intro alone is larger than the original Marine Raider game.

@CoelSmythe -That is a good suggestion about Baker’s line. The Sergeant, as depicted, is indeed part of that hard core of the Corps. With over 20 years as a Marine, he broke his bread in Belleau Wood, served in countless banana wars, and has seen postings from Iceland to China. He certainly deserves appropriate dialogue.

I wish I knew more Marines who, like your Grandfather, had served in WWII and/or Korea. Books just aren’t enough sometimes. I’m glad that the game lets you feel that getting to know the Marines in your squad is not wasted time.

Regarding decisions standardized from the original Marine Raider… can you be more specific? I’ve learned a great deal about choicescript since my first attempt at writing a game and the old Marine Raider code seems very simple by my present effort.

You have one reply:
“We are a Raiders. We aren’t supposed to be expected.”

I would recommend dropping the ‘a’ before Raiders.

Just involving the squad and choices that were made. For example,you have Holben being the one who falls in the pit trap, and Hagan being replaced. So i’m wondering whether you’re going to hint at more what decisions LT made on Toga that got Hagan killed and Holben injured. Also just caught something big during those two comparative runthroughs. PFC Simmons not PFC Timmons the name switched between the games.

As for Baker dialogue, the way I was able to catch that one was cause I read his lines in either Roebuck or Sullivan’s voices from COD World at War.

This looks very interesting, just like the first game but more so.

Not sure how to assess the stats as far as “is this approach playing to my strengths or my weaknesses”, though.

@lys -Ah, good catch.I think I was caught between two thoughts on that one.

@CoelSmythe -That’s a good point about prior decisions. I just sort of hardwired those in from the original. A call back or two is in order. And yeah, Timmons was Simmons, but I didn’t like the name. So, I’ll retcon it in the Original, eventually.

@Elfwine - Glad you are enjoying Marine Raider II (Marine Harder). The ‘is this approach playing to my strengths or weaknesses’ is a good point. I try to hint at whether a squad challenge is Discipline, Morale, or Fitness, or a personal challenge is Knowledge/Intuition, Judgment/Enterprise, or Tact/Objectivity, but I may be coming up short.

Also, some choices are just choices with costs ranging from a loss of time, inducing fatigue or expending ammo.

Let me throw out a general question; What paths have people taken? How did you rescue (Or not rescue) Gerhard and Merrik during the float-plane attack? When ashore on Mbungana island, did you fight or evade the Japanese?