Marine Raider


Wow. I really, REALLY like this game! While I appreciate the other fan-made games, this one has so-far been the best and the most like the “official” games. Historically accurate, interesting, and suspenseful.

I would like to see this one expanded. Kudos.


I thought it could be devolved more I do not know how to get all 7 accommodations and there is no guide on how to get it. Also I thought it was cut off I would have enjoyed it more if there was more to it. I think I will give it a 7 out of 10.


You captured people I got to know how to do that. I got the last 2 pulse something else.


It reminds me of Broadsides, and I mean that in the best way possible. Aside from some punctuation quirks (and at least one instance of being referred to as “he” while playing as a “ma’am,” ha), this is easily one of the most polished user-contributed games I’ve seen recently.

An expansion would definitely be welcome, though it’s certainly a sweet little game on its own. I definitely enjoyed the atmosphere, and the marines were given enough personality without forcing the player to read a novel - I did feel compelled to make sure every one of them made it back alive. I really appreciate that it’s a choice-driven game rather than button-mashing and dumb luck.

Seconding the kudos.

#7 is my E-mail.


I received it. I am going to go play and see how it works.

Edit It works I am going to try that with other lines.


I finished it. Through it was difficult.


First CoG-style game I’ve played, and I really enjoyed it. The historical detail and the punch in the writing worked quite well together IMO. Kudos to the author; is there some way to contact authors by the way to say thanks?


Great Game… PERIOD…


There’s actually eight commendations :
"Major Carlson is waiting for you as the Schley puts into pier.

Carlson pumps your hand as you disembark, his smile wide. “Excellent. Unbelievable! Whatever you are feeding your men, tell me and I’ll order it for the whole battalion. I’ve already transmitted the outline of your action and there’s a hint of a unit citation in the air. God knows I’m going to put you down for a personal merit and if you’ve got any individual recommendations, make them and I’ll see they stick.”

He notes your intact, if stained, uniform. “You got a lucky charm you like to rub?”

Your Marines swaggers off the Schley, snap you and Carlson a crisp salute that is decidedly at odds with their jungle torn fatigues.

Simmons is the last off the ship, pokes your captive, Ishiro, down the plank at the point of a bayonet.

Carlson raises an eyebrow as the troublesome enemy officer stiffly strides past. “He seems upset, for some reason…”

You achieved eight out of seven commendations. You’ve achieved an impossible victory!

Honestly, I didn’t think anyone could possibly accomplish this feat."


To get the 8th commendation you need to be a type 2 and ‘lead the charge’ on the enemy camp (Follow me) to get a commendation for personal glory. Then I ambushed the enemy on the road, and I chose the BAR as my weapon


I protected the base…


I think there are multiple paths to getting achievements.


I also would like if you could go into more depth about the photo… like hopefully we can return the photo to he girl with the letter.


Just want to sound off my appreciation for this game. I would even go so far as to say that its quality is on par with the CoG brand.


Very well done game, enjoyed playing it. I’m kind of a military history fan, and I liked both the subject and the way it was explored in the game. Nail-biting decisions…


Hi, I’m Allen Gies and I wrote Marine Raider.

First of all, I apologize for coming in so late to this forum. There were other projects that needed my attention and I forgot about this aspect of writing.

Second, I appreciate your feedback. Most of which I agree with and some I have incorporated into a revision of Marine Raider.

Lastly, if you were concerned about the relative brevity of Marine Raider, then you may well enjoy my newest Project entitled ‘Apex Patrol’. It is not World War Two or the Marine Corp, but I hope it will prove exciting.

If you have any questions or further comments, I invite both.


@AllenGies – great to see you on the forums. Reading Marine Raider almost a year ago inspired me to work on a choice game due to the quality of your user-contributed game.


Thank you Jim. I’m glad you found Marine Raider to be inspirational. Some days while debugging it, I could have used a little of that. :slight_smile:

I saw you are working on a Game called Zombie Exodus? How is that coming along?


I just wanted to say thank you for creating Marine Raider. It is one of my favorite choicescript games, and I’m really looking forward to checking out your next project.