I agree. Having the option to have your powers affect your mind in some way would be interesting. A regular human who develops incredible powers would most likely suffer some form of disconnect from others. Especially if they gained them at a young age.

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I concur, a weakness would be quite interesting. If you incorporate the weaknesses into fights, then it could add a sort of strategy feel to it. Where you have to take your strengths, powers, and weakness(es) into account. Could make it quite interesting

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I have a question why do you have odd power selection like you can’t have healing factor and energy manipulation.

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I was at the part with the thugs invading the building when I got this error…

I chose to have the teleportation power and to enter the base secretly to free the hostages.

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I had the exact same problem

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Along with the other problem the next few pages I got this error message as well


That’s been showing for me too. I think it might be that nothing has been written after that. Might be wrong.

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Well this was fun, can’t wait to see where this goes. In the mean time, time to get my Superman on. My city is hurting, and I will stand idle no longer!

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Jeez, I love it. +20 char

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Love the demo but at one point this keeps showing up

Disaster line 780: Invalid expression

And then there’s nothing at the bottom of the page.

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Yep I ran into disaster line 780:invalid expression,couldn’t extract another token:# worked at the Consulate



  1. What are (or will be) the differences between a powered MC and a genius MC?

  2. Why doesn’t Nightreaver try to beat up the MC when they first meet? I know he defends himself if the MC tries to attack him but I chose to try and sneak away and for all he knows the MC is just another scavenger.

  • Speaking of fighting Nightreaver, I exploited a bug that allowed me to get my physical stat up to 100% and he still beat me. DAFUQ? Is there no way to beat this guy at the moment?
  1. Why would a genius MC with no (other) powers and no apparent combat training focus on fighting crime like Nighreaver instead of helping rebuild the city like Aurora? When building the initial stats I chose the one that raises intellect and that had something to do with engineering. That would make the MC better suited to help rebuild, no?

  2. You said that you wouldn’t be adding new powers unless you missed an obvious one but I think you did miss an obvious one: Super Speed. Yeah, there’s Super Agility but how fast does that go? Is it faster than a car? The closest thing to Super Speed is Flight (Mach 1) but that’s if we choose Durability as well. What about the folks who want to travel fast on the ground, why aren’t they being represented? :laughing:


All the powers that we’re able to choose I’d like to be able to choose all of them in the three different rounds where we choose our powers. What I mean by that is I want all the options available each time we go around though we’d still only be able to pick 3 powers total.


Hey, um… @Goshman I wanted to ask if you could put Spanish as a language… only if you want… I’m asking since there are almost all the most known labguages except Spanish and a few others and though of asking if you could add it.


When ever i get to the part where I pick my last name it just just comes up with an error "startup line 347 - non existent variable ‘full name’.


First of all, thank you for allowing a max of four powers instead of three, one ‘transport power’ and three other powers.

Also, it seems that Filipino has been removed from the native languages list.


aw you deleted the option to be powerless :confused:
i wanted to play as a batman like hero.

Also can you please add Dutch as a language and a nationality because i’m seeing languages i’ve never heard about (like “Wu”) but not Dutch.


Alright, time for a “major” update now that the weekend is over. I have reworked a lot of the code.
Now you cannot be an unpowered hero just for logistical reasons, although you will be able to obtain gadgets and become a gadgeteer. just one with actual powers as well. Originally the idea behind the genius MC was to have a Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne, but it doesn’t really work if the MC doesn’t have the billions in cash to back it up.
I have changed the power selection process as well. You now have a transportation method such as flight or jumping, and then can have three other powers.

I won’t add Super Speed as a power option. The rest of the powers I can somehow justify and work around, but if you can speed about in a building at 300 km/h, I might as well just skip through two thirds of the planned story because none of it will matter when you can run past all the enemies.

Regarding the Nightreaver encounter, there is no way to get physical and beat him. That may come later, but the first encounter was supposed to be quick and sloppy on the MC’s part. As to why he just doesn’t beat the MC up, is because the MC is suited up at this point. Could be common courtesy among vigilantes, could be just amusement over seeing the MC all suited up.

Also, regarding the nationalities and languages. I redid that and decided to go for some of the most spoken languages and most populated countries in the world for the main lists. I am not making a list of all 2600 spoken languages just so everyone has a language in there. The same goes for the 196 countries and several dozen internationally unrecognized countries. I understand that it feels to you like one more language or one more nationality is nothing. but it builds up really quickly and it will be impossible to go through on mobile devices when there’s 46 options on one page.
If you have something to add, that is why the Other option is there.


I guess that’s logical. it’s an awesome interactive book either way.

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I love how customizable our character is. You ought to put the customized traits on the stats page, though, at the very least, which powers we’ve selected.