Just played the the game it looks good so far I haven’t come across any errors or anything and the game play is smooth I like it if you need any beta testers I would be interested to do it.

The time has come for a beta tester drive. If you are willing to sacrifice your body and mind for testing purposes, post below and say so. Even if you have written above about your willingness, post below again to make sure you’re in the draft! Consider the following before you apply:

                        "It's good."   "Looks fine."   "Great game!"

Above phases are something I do not want to see in the closed testing phase. If you feel like you can read through the open demo and can only put together one of the above phrases - or equivalents - you need not apply. I’ll love to have you as a reader, but that kind of feedback tells me absolutely nothing about the real quality of the text.

What I need feedback on:

  • Grammar: spelling, awkward sentences, americanizations that shouldn’t be there.
  • Continuity errors: disappearing plots, changing powers, paragraphs that don’t seem to fit the character, etc.
  • Constructive criticism: pacing, plotlines, railroading, etc. Tell me if something feels off and grinds your gears.

I will especially welcome people who would be willing to parse through the text in much greater detail and work with me to improve the quality and flow of the story. Essentially copyediting via sending me quotes and screenshots instead of rewriting it yourself.

The beta testing will take place using the private messaging system of the forums. I will leave the call out until the 5th of February, at which point I will message those who have been chosen. While you fine folk are volunteering, I will be pushing to finish the game and tie up the last plotlines.
Assuming that I have a ready product by the 5th, closed testing will beging straight away end on the 14th at the earliest. The end date will be stretched if there are major issues found.
This is meant to be a rapid schedule, so make sure you are able to commit for at least a week of creating detailed feedback and re-read after re-read.

Mods, if you would be so kind to add “BETA TESTING” to the front of the thread title, I would appreciate it.
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I would like to help beta test

I like to join also is it best to use a phone or a computer to find errors

Beta testing is not my thing (I prefer polished products) and I cannot wait to play the end result!

I would be willing to beta test. A free copy editor I am not, as it’d be undermining my own profession, but I’m happy to give specific constructive feedback and point out any grammar or continuity errors I see.

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Well, turns out mods aren’t the only ones who can do that… :grin:

I would’ve like to help beta test, but I think I would be more of a hindrance than help haha. Good luck with the beta test, and good luck to the testers, too!


I volunteer as a beta tester! I haven’t read through all the updates you’ve made, so perhaps you might appreciate a set of fresh eyes on your draft :slight_smile: Good luck!

Hey I heard that best of us, is doing a beta testing. I would love to get in to the access for that because it’s such an alsom game.

I would love to beta test!I could find grammar and spelling issues.

If you are still looking for a beta tester I would be interested.

I would like to help beta test

I would love to beta test this game it is one of my favorite among all the WIPs! I’ll help with any and everything you need!

I would love to beta test this game.

Is this really happening!!! YESSSSSS I CANT WAIT TO SEE THW FINAL THING. Will be one of the first buys!!

I am open to testing this as well.

I would like to beta test for you and make sure all the plots add up

I would like to be a beta tester as well.

Can I beta test please?

I’d like to participate in testing!