Best game on the site?


@FairyGodFeather, of course, how could I forget Seven Winds? Excellent stats and very playable, even only from what I could observe in the first chapter. And it also had an interesting plot that probably won’t be finished…

Now, if only someone could start rewriting stories like that in fanfiction style…



Slammed , unnatural, tin star ,zombie exodus, the heros rise trilogy



Zombie exodus would be my favorite of the bunch and well Choice of zombies i know your thinking its just because of the zombies but it isn’t i find them both to be well written and a thrill ride in print :slight_smile:



the game that brought me here: choice of the dragon
unnatural and zombie exodus
these are the only games i really enjoyed playing



I can’t pick a favorite.

The ones at the top tier are:
-Choice of Romance
-Marine Raider
-Zombie Exodus
-Mobile Armored Marine
-Way Walkers Universe
-Life of a Wizard
-Sabres of Infinity

I also liked Choice of Dragon, Choice of Broadside and Choice of Kung Fu. Slammed was cool too although I’m not much of a wrestling guy.



Hi all,
Just got some great news on Vendetta. I and a few friends have emailed him and I just got an email back from Bob today saying that he’ll create a new forum topic as soon as the updated demo is ready. Like everyone else, I’m glad to get confermation of this.



A couple of weeks ago Vendetta posted on his facebook page that he’ll be resuming work on vendetta soon. So I’m really excited for Vendetta to come back.

Choice of the Dragon and Choice of Broadsides were the first from COG that I played, so I think those two are the my personal favorites.
From hosted games, Zombie Exodus and Sabres of Infinity.
Upcoming: Tin Star, Vendetta and Choice of Rebels



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Vendetta is returning?!?!? That’s great news! Now if only the author of Seven Wonders would return as well. Those two games had such incredible potential, and both were approaching a point where they could be published. In Vendetta’s case it would have been as part 1 of a series, kind of like Zombie Exodus, while in the case of Seven Wonders, it would have been as a complete game.



Vendetta… Is… BACK??? YESSSSSSS!!!
*bursts into manly tears of happiness*
:(( :(( :(( :(( :((



I think Choice of vampire is pretty good but judging by the comments on the version 2 I’m having second thought on buying the game any comments regarding this is it worth it if I buy the game or should I skip to volume 3



@FairyGodfeather Is Resonance still available? I can’t seem to find it!


#39 is the thread. But don’t know if the game link works or not. You could ask @CS_Closet



Unnatural and I really liked way walkers university and heroes rise



Thanks but it seems that the link doesn’t work.

I think my favourite is Choice of Romance (I liked the ruthless scheming aspect of it). Way Walkers was also enjoyable. Rise of a Gangster is extremely promising and I can’t wait for the completed version (I particularly enjoyed the nods to the Godfather and the Sopranos :slight_smile: )



My top six games:
1)Zombie Exodus by JimD I was devastated when the game ended and I had to purchase the next chapters, but I learned that I could play it online. This is the game that made me write my own zombie game as well.
2)The Race by Andymwhy The first cs game I downloaded. It brought me to the forum when I was looking for a walkthrough.
3)Rise of a gangster by Vendetta One of the games I played first when I joined.
4)Terminal by CJW I love the vibe and the originality of the storytelling.
5)Resonance by cs_closet. I used to play this like crazy!
6)Unnatural by Nocturnal_stillness One pf the games that is just so well written and addicting to play.

Wips to mention:Dragon by Random, Dark prestige by JLBH, Yami np shogun by Mystogan, Empowered by wolfwriter, and the outbreak by me joke!!!



A lot of the WIPs started and finished by our community members are of really really high quality and which I think are really among the best of interactive fiction. From the time I started browsing this forum until now, I saw the completion of Zombie Exodus, Tin Star, Sabres of Infinity, and Unnatural, to mention a few that really sprang to mind. Although I can’t really say I’ve been a part of the development of these games, but I can honestly say I appreciate the effort they put into making them. I really can’t say which game is best because, to cite the examples I listed before, they’re pretty much equally amazing in my opinion. Currrently, I’m looking forward to the development of Vendetta and Team Zero.


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