Best game on the site?


which game, in your’ opinion, is the best on this site? I myself quite like “Choice Of The Vampire”


I think zombie exodus is a great day


can we vote on ones witch are at the beta testing stage because if we can I would say Rise of a Gangster. If not choice of broadsides (is that spelt right )


oww I forgot born a king its also at beta testing stage .


Choice of the Vampire is my favourite in terms of storytelling, Choice of the Dragon is my favourite in terms of concept and Marine Raider is my favourite in terms of action.


I never fully understood Marine Raider I’m not sure if I missed something because it always seems to short to get involved .


It’s short but excellent. It’s got stunning action scenes, a great atmosphere, interesting character development, moral ambiguity and a willingness to subvert historical truth in the name of equality. I can’t really think of anything else I’d want from a game.


not my personal opinion but I do understand why you feel its one of the best. I guess we just have different feelings on what makes good games .


Favorite concept: Dead heat between Dragon and Affairs of the Court.
Best-written: Choice of the Vampire.
Fun factor: Zombie Exodus, Marine Raider.


I’d cast my vote for Choice of Broadsides.


The updates for Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster are the only updates I actively look forward to, so I vote for it as my favorite in development at the moment and probably will be my favorite when finished. For my favorite that is currently finished (to an extent), I vote Zombie Exodus.


For me it’s a choice between Dragon, Zombie, and Gangster, but I get the feeling that Samurai will be one more when it comes out. Meanwhile, Dragon is the only one that isn’t continually improving.


I don’t like dragon because every time I play I think about how much potential it had just to be disbanded and it makes me a little bit sad .


Official games: Broadsides
Hosted games: Marine Raiders, The Race
Upcoming: I really am looking forward to so many but Unnatural and Samurai are really intriguing (and Vendetta if he chooses to move forward with it)


For me the best official game is Choice of the Vampire, followed by choice of broadsides.

Hosted games I am a fan of Zombie Exodus, Samurai, Vendetta was good as well, but I always would put zombies and samurais over gangsters but thats just me as those are things I like.


I love Life of a Wizard and Choice of the Vampire


For me, Vendetta is still the greatest WIP I’ve ever seen on the forums; but as for published games, well, let me see…

Official CoG: Choice of the Dragon
Hosted Game: Sabres of Infinity

Choice of the Dragon: This was the one that started it all. It was short, yes, and it didn’t exactly give you a huge control over the storyline; but there’s something about it. Maybe it’s the style in which it was written, maybe it was the short but to-the-point storytelling… But I’ll always remember this game as the CoG that led me to buy every single CoG that’s came out yet.

Sabres of Infinity: What can I say? It’s got everything. Well-written, a wide and greatly detailed world that’s just about good enough to set another series in, perfectly balanced stats that causes the player to experiment with the game again and again and again.

Vendetta: Well, it’s been discarded for a while, but last I checked a month ago, Vendetta didn’t get taken off from Dropbox yet. As for why I like it…

Well, it’s really, really well-written to begin with; it’s almost novel worthy. For another, it’s been quite a while and I’m still finding new scenes hidden in the game if you have certain skillsets or choose certain (seemingly innocuous) choices. It’s got all the cliches of the 20s gangsters down, and it has hinted at there being multiple storylines. Just look at how many people above have already mentioned Vendetta; albeit a year ago.


For me, my top would be Tin Star (still hasn’t been published, but it is more-or-less completed and easily the best in my opinion due to the immersive storyline and variety of choices), second would be Vendetta: Rise of a Gangster (even though it is not finished and the author has been gone for months), and a close third would be Zombie Exodus.


My three favorite are Sabres of Infinity, Way Walkers: University, and Life of a Wizard


Vendetta is incredible. I will be extremely disappointed if the author never returns to complete it.