Beggar's Empire WIP

Beggar’s Empire was my entry for lordirishdas’s contest, a short game where you play as a beggar. Set in a fictional world, think roman empire/medieval times.

It was intended as a project to get my feet wet with choicescript and to see if I actually have any writing skills at all. Also consider it something of a demo for a bigger project I’m working on set in the same world. What I submitted however was just the barebone version, having to cut out alot due to time constraints. I’m doing my best getting everything I *wanted* in, …well in.

I aim to release it at the end of may, hopefully that’ll give me enough time to polish and not too much, so I won’t get sucked in and turn it into a huge project.


I’d be interested to see this when it’s released, especially since, now, I’ll have an image of Foul Old Ron stuck in my head for the foreseeable future.