Beasts of Kyroux (Short Demo)

I’ve been working on my game Beasts of Kyroux for a couple years now.
It was originally going to be just a tiny game as a way to get my foot in the door to prepare for a much larger title, but this game has become my newest love.

With all of the input I have received from others on how long games should be, and in playing a mass number of Choice Games on my own, I am excited to be adopting this as my sole project.

What was once inspired by a small event in a Rune Factory game and the choice game Runt of the Litter has now become a collaborative work between my friends and I with additional inspiration from A Study in Steampunk, Choice of Robots, Black Panther and African cultures.

The rough idea is Pokemon meets steampunk set in Africa.
That sounds like a lot, I’m sure. But my friends and I are making it work and I’m having a lot of fun! There is a lot going into this game, and I can’t wait to have a larger demo out, but my availability to write isn’t what it used to be

For now here’s just a short sample while I try my best to work on writing more content! I look forward to your feedback and constructive criticism!


Seems nice! I hope there’s a lot of variety in the beasts available.

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I like the premise! Will we be able to choose our skin tone?

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Pokemon is a yes. Steampunk is a yes. Put these two together an you have something that has caught my attention. Can’t really give you much feedback based on the current little sample, but I’ll be looking forward to seeing how it developes.

Lolllll, interesting!! I am working on a game where you are the ‘Beast’ per say, so Ha! :joy: It will be quite different from yours, I can assure you! :smiley:

Will there be RO’s? Or will it be more like a Pokémon game?


Are the parents in this world as insane as the ones in the Pokémon world and let their kids travel around the country at age 10? Are we 10?


This looks great! :smile:

I would say that hiding the extra character creation details behind “change your id card” seems a little non-intuitive… :confused: (And clothing options shouldn’t dictate gender… :sweat:)

If so, hopefully the cutie Amir will be one… :blush:

Well, that’s the anime. :roll_eyes: In the games, parents send their children out into the wilderness alone at the far more acceptable age of 11… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Looks pretty interesting so far! My only small suggestion is to shorten Combativeness and Defenseivness to Combat and Defense, just to keep it short and punchy.

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