Be Divine :Genesis[WIP](Update 14 August 2017)

This is my first game.
Hello, guys. I’m writing a new game part sci-fi and part fantasy.

It’s summary is like this :
You are a boy/girl which lived your life freely and luxuriously. When, you are in college, your family bankrupt and had to sell the family property to pay off the debts. One day, you saw a comet and wished upon it to change your destiny . As it grew bigger by the second, you realized it was a meteorite. It crashed in the nearby fields (countryside). You rode on your bike to it and found that it is actually an escape pod. A human (not human, but physically looked like a human) was in it, before it died it told you about your destiny …
It says that you are the descendant of a lost and ancient race. That you wield powers to accomplish impossible feats :create planets using your will .But in order to wield such powers comes a test… That he is actually working as a spy for your race.
10 years later…
You are in charge of a spaceship finding a cure of a virus.
That it came to Earth to warn you of a threat that vanquished your kind, a deadly conscious black hole.HE ALSO SAYS THAT IF WHEN YOU MANIFEST YOUR POWERS FULLY (which is unusual even among your kind)YOU CAN UNLOCK THE GENE LOCK OF YOUR SPECIES AND MANIFEST CHRONOLOGICAL POWERS:time stopping,time travel,time starting,creating wormholes etc.

The demo :

Twice every month
Estimate completion of game:
-28 of December

  • Changelog:

-April 4
(Idea first appeared)
-April 9
(Initiation of Project)
-May 15
(Story plot Completed)
-May 20

  • Milestone 1

-First 1000 words complete
June 13

  • Milestone 2
    -5000 words complete

16 July 2017

  • First big leap
    -16910(Include code) words complete
    GAME Updated:
    -Errors will decrease

-Prologue Finished

-Starting the First chapter

-Utilize the NEW VERSION of CHOICESCRIPT :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Optimize the realistic feeling of a text based interactive novel
    2.Alter the size of background color ,text color ,text size and more…

6 August 2017
-28,000 words complete(include code)

-Finished Chapter 1

-Starting Chapter 2
(7000 words now)

You can choose your powers according to a quiz,so what’s it gonna be?elemental?pyshic?energy?Magic?tech?shapeshifting?

You can choose to be whether a genei(genetically enhanced),maeg(magic powered) or taqed(technology based)
You must ally with one of the two factions: Kargi(good) or Igrak(Bad)

*MAJOR Overhaul and Rewrite
Coming right up


Sounds cool how far are you on the game

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Do you plan on using a made up language for the alien? I would like the idea of being able to decode the alien language into something I can understand. Maybe you can use a simple cipher?

Just starting on it, had the idea a couple days ago

I will try, can’t guarantee. But hope I can.I just figured it out. Because English is my second Language , I can use my native tongue for it

For a moment I was imagining the alien giving me a green power ring and cried of laughter. With that said I like the story so far.


That would be like green Lantern, cause I aimed to be original so I can think the story the way i like it. Makes me creative. I haven’t been doing a lot of thinking. (I’m in high school, so lots of homework and little free time)

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Would be HELLA F***ING interested. Please consider pinging with a notice upon first available demo.

Deadly sentient black joke…well that’s terrifying
Reminds me of lovecraft a bit

Also the first chapter will be available next month.

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Can you add powers of mind control and shapeshifting?It would be cool!

Is there romance and we get to choose power and that

Sounds cool, green flag from my side!

Just consider these things

A. You can side with either humans/non humans
B. Both side should have totally different endings based on what choices made (be a good ending, bad or a epic ending in which you successfuly form a alliance between both races

C. The player character should be the centre focus, not that you are helping a guy to save the world, that said the mc must be point of focus

D.skills, languages and relationships should be presented in simple understandable form. For easier understanding (not unless you want it to become like way walker university lol)

E. Romance…finally if your going to put romances and choices be sure to put them as best as possible a slight error can spoil whole plot. And provide a clear romance end (epilogue)

These are a few points ill like you to keep in mind when making your title. And best of luck im looking forward towards your title, it certainly looks interesting :slight_smile:


I like this idea so far, can’t wait to see how it turns ⠳⠲

It sounds really good! I like the ideas and the plot!

So you are basically a dormant God? Sounds interesting.

OMG! That sounds sooo cool, I totally can’t wait to see this!

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Can you please notify me when the first chapter has been released? Looking forward to it :smile:

The game is unplayable due to my mistakes, it should be done in a moment or two.

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fab plot
I am now going for the demo
my fav type of games ( bending time at your will )