Battle in the Ruins of a Dead Civilization (an off-site small contest for fun and glory)

Totally sincere If I had known that it would have been a so serious score system totally created to make a shame of the contestants and lets in pure ridicule I will never ever presented to a contest theoretical for pure fun.

In fact, I think no way In hell I present a game in public with this scoring system at all. To people laugh at me.


I think, ich will retreat from this, sorry, but it reminds me to much of school, and I am to old for this^^


This system is too damn harsh to a contest for fun that even doesn’t have any reward. I would have no problem with it If I had this score point first day. Because I organized my game structure in a way that there are two origins Hacker and Soldier and choices and replay value are divided into the two origins differences story and karma.
This score is made only looking direct choices and assuming all are available for one same playthrough. So I could be accused be linear when in fact for that same scene have far more choices that are seen.

You can’t give me the scoring method and what I am supposed to do When the contest is almost done I am supposed to send my 45,000 words to the recycle bin. And Start again?


I doubt it’s telling you anything you don’t know already. The idea, the development, the organization, and the quality of the writing are all important for making a quality game! We all know what makes a good game when we see one, I think! I’ll hide the rubric behind a spoiler tag if it’s too scary, though.

Naturally neither I nor the other judges will make our numerical scores public. Again, this is all strictly for fun.


In short,

Idea for game, 25%
Development of idea, 25%
Choice Structure, 25%
Quality of Writing, 25%


isnt that unfair to peoples who don’t speak english…perfectly?


Well, It is logical that Is there. This is an English contest reason I entered knowing no matter how much I work with the rest I won’t have more than 5/10 as best. Always is not public and is fair for everyone I understand that I will never win or being well ranked.

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I don’t want to make this a bigger deal than it is; it’s just a way of showing some of the ways I’m thinking about how games can be evaluated when you have a bunch of them and have to figure out which of them “wins the contest.” I imagine different people have their own internal rubrics.

I used to hate these things when I started teaching, but I’ve since come around. I like them because they keep me honest when I’m thinking about many different people’s writing. It sort of shows what I like and what I value in writing, putting my internal process more externally. They do sometimes look scary when you see it all out there with letter grades. But, thank god, this isn’t school.

I guess for me, all other things being equal, a game with great prose is going to come out on top of a game with ok prose. I could imagine someone nudging the percentages around in all sort of ways, for example, more heavily weighting the branchiness of the game (which might be “unfair” to people wiith less time or experience with seriously branchy narrative).


I find it unfair The branchiness as Have nowhere advertising at the beginning of the contest. You can’t seriously come now and say, by the way, the Quantity of branches is more important than reply value or different origins.
It is unfair as hell. I have 45,000 words that aren’t tailored to a scoring system I COULDN’T KNOW WHEN I STARTED.

Can you point me to where I said that?

e: The “generous with choices” bit, I assume you mean? I would guess generosity of choices has a lot to do with replay and origin.

And you scorecard is all about quantity branching and number.

Anyway, You can’t come NOW in the middle of the contest to give me pointers. That should be given BEFORE contest begins

Here you go


I still intend to work on a game but my idea was meant to be a more streamlined experience. It will just take a few more tweaks (for once having to restart the idea again is actually a good thing)


Dont worry about it too much as long as you like what you have written the scoring wont matter. It is just how the judges will rate the stories as gower said the scores wont be made public. No-one will be made fun of.


I worry because is unfair. Put aside my score or anything about that. You can’t explain or add further info at the end of the contest. I would have changed my game knowing this info? Yes, hell if I would changed the game.

With 45,000 words and near the end now I feel like I waste like an entire month doing the moron.

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I can understand the frustration, but you haven’t wasted a month, You have written 45,000 words in a month, That is 45,000 words more than I had managed. You should be proud of that, especially as english isn’t your first language and you’ve worked your ass off for those 45,000 words. Be proud of the work you have done.

Writing something is never a waste, whether you write something you finish, or something you lose passion for, writing is writing and 45,000 words in a month is definitely something you can be proud of.


Thanks, but that is not my current feelings on the matter. I had already been feeling I was wasting my time and everyone reading it. And now the feeling is far worse than before. I suppose that has helped me see how IS works because is the only positive impact I see. Now I will end it as fast as I can and forgot all about the story.

Thank youuu~ It’s so nice to see what exactly is effecting things, you know?!? It all makes sense but I like seeing it on paper? :smile:

Yes, it has so much sense being called Godawful and being negative wording adjective called because English is not your native language. It is the help someone could need to stop trying a language forever.

I understand if the note is even negative as my English is bad, what I will never accept is gratuitously being valued as Godawful. Because If you have made the effort to present something in a contest that is supposed to be for fun a minimum of respect is has to be set.


Looking for Tester for My Entry for Contest:

Game is about rating R and including topics as dark humour, sarcasm and cannibalism so are not appropriate for everyone. Also foul language and mechas


That sounds interesting and totally Mara, but I’ve never been a tester, so what would you be looking for a tester to do?

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Well, first of all, reading it and find out bugs and then help a little with the grammar if possible, I didn’t end it yet even If I am near to end it.

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@Gower other people have their betas for If and other offsite contest separate. I don’t want to have my beta testing in the middle of the contest rules. It has no sense