Barriers: The Fallout (WIP)


@Leopardmoon I think i speak for everyone when i say all is forgiven. And of course please, i would love to know more about the plot :smiley:


Of course, share your ideas with us, please.


I like this, the few stuff you’ve written is pretty good.

But something about this… clicks. It feels too familiar.

By any chance, did you base this out of (what was that name again?) The Seventh Tower Series? You know the first book was The Fall And there was a hierarchy on magic and stuff…


oooooooh!! this looks interesting! :slight_smile: can the main character be a white?!:smiley: im such a sucker for magic!


@Leopardmoon Glad to hear that you’re still going to be working on this, and I’m sure that we’d all love to know some more about your story.


Good work with the game I love your writing style and the stats menu.
Can’t wait for more. :smile:


@Leopardmoon So…are you going to update this version?Because the game is really great and I also wanna know what happens next :smiley:


Beautiful writing! I’m over enthused on seeing this game go into beta and over enthused on testing it! Btw, upon choosing the Orange parental eyes, there is a mistype. “Learning to mask your true feeings when…”(2nd paragraph)


(Five million more years later…)

@jaxx Thanks! And yeah, using colors for the class system was inspired by that series, yes. :smiley: Nothing else should be similar though beyond all stories with ‘kids becoming adults by going through some kind of trial and gaining a life long companion’ thingy. Eloquent way to put it, no?

Wait a sec- oh darn it, the first book’s name was The Fall, wasn’t it? D: And the kid probably was falling like in the beginning (I really don’t remember as it has been so long)… -sobs quietly in a corner-

But, um, not trying to make you feel bad or anything for reminding me about this stuff. I just might want to reconsider a few things now. Meow meow~

@Xhandas_Antonidas If I’m doing this like I originally planned then you have a set color class for each game (if I ever reached the point of making more, lol, let alone finishing this one). I believe White was meant to be the third game in my silly pre-planning mind, but, you know, haven’t reached that coding point yet. Things could change. Either way, (hint) you’ll for sure get lots of magic options in this one. :wink:

@Drini7 Pfft, well of course I’m going to update! I’m dual coding and working on labs today because I’m a horrible, horrible procrastinator…or is that a good procrastinator, but a horrible focuser? I digress.

@Tlud Thank you so much! It honestly took me three times to figure out that there was an L missing when I read that just now. Obviously, my brain is “fixing” it for me internally.

@Boman19 @WulfyK @FalconXCII @Sepulchre With thanks -

The world is hardly fair. This is especially true when there are quotas to fill in order to keep the Floating Islands both floating and…safe. Flying monsters do exist, ya know. So there are barriers constantly running around the entire perimeter of the islands and guards stationed to catch the buggers as well. During the past decade, many barriers in the poorer sections of the islands have notably begun to fail. Monsters get in, the guards try their best to protect as many citizens as they can, but the guard corps simply don’t get the support (money) they used too. Not in those areas anyway.

There are also rumors that the monsters have begun to show signs of intelligence instead of remaining the savage beasts that they are commonly believed to be. It’s a dark time for Melpomene. But hey, you’re just a 17 year old kid, and you got the Allaghi to worry about. I’m sure that all of these little…issues, will work themselves out. -hehe-


First and foremost, welcome back.

Try not to change too much, the stuff here is already pretty good, like I said many months ago.

There, I just had to italicize it.

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So sad to see this go! ;-;


Who said I was going anywhere?

Simply been very busy and coding is slow work…but I felt bad, so I made one new choice for ya’ll! <3

Edit~ So that means…Updated: 10/1/15


I understand the feels. Work and school make such endeavours rather difficult.

I remember reading this demo a while back and I’m glad that it is still being worked on. And you’re not the only one of us to plan games ahead, already thought of a trilogy idea (what is the world’s obsession with trilogies anyway? Seems like everything needs to be told in three parts, with the third part being split when made into a movie)

Thanks for your work, I have enjoyed what I have read.

Now, back to lurking.


I made that post during the summer, after my sophomore year in high-school, I hadn’t even begun to understand stress. I am so sorry oh my god.


@CazzCity I know. D: When people ask me how school is going: “…it’s school. How do you think it’s going?”

Hah, idk about the trilogy thing. Something about not being too short but also not being too long? XD

Thank you! And lurking is love. <3

@Tlud Aww, don’t worry. Feelings were in no way hurt and kitties are still cute and fluffy. 8D

But omg, sophomore year of high school. My first B since like kindergarten and then it went all downhill from there. >> Good luck.


My deepest apologies to anyone and everyone, but I’ve decided to move on from Barriers. Feel free to catch me at Terra Immortalium (WIP) School for Immortals instead! :heart_eyes: (If a mod wants to close this thread down to reduce clutter or for some other reason, they can. <3)

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