Barriers: The Fallout (WIP)

Hello everybody! I’m Leopardmoon, but if you’d like, you can call me either Leo or Moon. Both work for me.

Anyway, I decided to make a valiant effort into learning how to code a game. The result so far is Barriers: The Fallout…which I have honestly no idea what I’m doing with. Meaning: I originally had a plan on how I wanted the story to play out, but now I’m kinda just going with the flow. Hm.

So what is it about? Well, it used to be about - no wait, I’m not going to tell you! It’ll be more fun that way. Plus I’m mean like that. :smiley:

All you need to know is that it has something to do with magic, floating islands, monsters, a social hierarchy, and griffons. Sorry, is that a lot to process? No worries! You’ll learn everything you need to know along the way…and I answer questions too.

Also, if you find something wonky, please let me know! Any and all help is much appreciated.

Okay, enough with the blabber, where’s ma link?
Link lies therein. Go fortheth. *salutes*
Updated: 11/25/14


I think its really good so far. :slight_smile:

It seems alright, with it just having a few lines I can’t tell so far. Does the brother relationships have any effect on the story?

I think it’s really good so far

Welcome, @Leopardmoon

The story is currently quite short but I hope you’ll expand it.

Error 404 your story doesn’t exist in this realm my friend


Thank you so much! Since it’s my first time and all.


Yeah, pretty short so far. Sorry ~ first time coding. Takes me forever! And brother relationship will have some minor effects. Or should. We’ll see. :wink:




Aw, thanks. In fact, I already expanded it just a tiny bit because I was bored again.

I can’t figure out how to update the old one (so I just made a new one this time around), so if anyone could let me know how, that would be super helpful!


Heh, see above. Work with me, Dropbox! (Just restored the old link, but new link is the updated version.)

The demo is not enough to comment on the story but the writing is good.

I like what’s there so far, especially the two brothers! They’re so goofy.

I have a question though. So your grandpa was a yellow and you’re an orange/blue/brown, yeah? Does any of that actually correlate to appearance or is it just a class title like “blue bloods” or something?

Whatever it is, I still like this so far, and I’m eager to see where it goes! Good luck writing.

I like this…continue please.

Well, I’m liking it so far. Keep it up!

I like it so far but there isn’t enough to fully judge. Please keep going! :slight_smile:

Is there any particular pattern for the colors indicating the class? It’s definitely not a rainbow spectrum.

@jcury Thank you!

@SpaceLesbian Haha, they are pretty goofy. It was just more realistic to give the MC siblings versus being an only child. Plus they might help you out later on…

As to your question, you’ll get more detail on the colors and class structure later, but I’ll post some information below. :smiley:

@Lubu343 @Pendrew @Miki I will! Thanks.

@WulfyK Seven colors were not enough for me: I needed ten colors. So, I made my own randomized list, and voila! Mutations are random anyway…although I did choose to put Violet at the top and not title it as ‘Purple’ to give the class special distinction.

The Classes: (from weakest magical strength to strongest)
Yellow - Rats; Brown - Peasants/Workers; Green - Lower Middle Class; Blue - Upper Middle Class; Red - Upper Class (but not Nobility); Orange - Barons; Pink - Counts; Black - Dukes; Violet - Kings/Queens
White - A Mystery

It’s also true that the more powerful the social class is, the less of them there are. The only exception to this rule is that Yellow is not the most common class: Brown is. The number of Yellows is about equal to the number of Pinks in existence. And Whites? There’s been no sign of them for more than two centuries.

Finally, as you’re learning, magic lies naturally dormant in humans. It isn’t unlocked until they’ve turned seventeen in the elaborate ceremony known as the Allaghi. It’s then that their potential is revealed by the color their irises turn. Hold on a second - what color is a youth’s eyes before the Allaghi then? Grey! Different shades of color do exist, so while you may have slate-grey eyes with a hint of azure, your brother could have dark rose quartz grey eyes instead.

I really like what you have so far and I can’t wait to see more of it. I think it’s great, and don’t worry about it being your first time, as everyone starts somewhere.

@Leopardmoon Out of curiosity, what program do you use? You mentioned that it keeps changing words on you. Most people use Notepad++

I really like this so far. It seems very fun, especially when you add more to it :slight_smile:

@LeopardMoon now you have me interested in your story

In regards to updating the link:
Just upload the new file to Dropbox, it should overwrite the old one.
If it doesn’t, just delete (and backup) the old one and then upload the new one.

You *may* need to right-click and get a new share link too, if it’s still not working.

Hey everyone~ I know, I know, I vanished. Like a ghost. But I swear I’m still going to be working on Barriers when I have some free time. (I’m a busy girl.)

There’s a pretty new link up above with the updated version of the demo: I fixed a few things and added just a smidge. Please don’t eat me. I don’t taste good and if I could have updated MORE I would have. :’(

@FalconXCII (Five million years later…)
Thank you so much! <3 I’m a perfectionist, so this kills me. XD

@fantom I think I found the problem - and as a result don’t have it anymore - but I use Notepad. I think it’s the regular version, but idk. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Boman19 @Specter 8D

@CJW Thank you! Doesn’t look like I have to worry about it anymore though, since we now have the ability to edit posts!

Finally, if you want more details of the plot, I’m willing to give up a few morsels. Hehe.