Baguette Quest (Beta Testers Requested!)

You are a humble baker in the 13th century who yearns for the opportunity to live and work in a baker’s paradise, the grain-farming village of Panmura. There’s just one problem: Panmura is caught right in the middle of two warring kingdoms.

However, one night, you’re visited by an angel who gives you a holy mission to go to Panmura, collect the five necessary ingredients and bake the world’s first Baguette, a powerful heavenly creation that may be the key to ending the war. Don’t question it too much.

Baguette Quest is a lighthearted, absurdist comedy game with fantasy elements. It was co-written by @generalsquishy and I as our first ever choicescript project, originally written for ourselves and our friends but now shared with the world! The game is just shy of 100 000 words.

We would love to try to get this game hosted if possible, and as per the Hosted Games requirements, we need beta testers! We’d appreciate feedback, constructive criticism, or suggestions on pretty much anything, such as bugs, narrative inconsistencies, spelling (not including mistaking Canadian English spelling for incorrect spelling), choice options, pacing, tone, or humour. Anything that you think would improve your experience of the game, really.

To play the game, click here:

We hope you like it and appreciate your feedback!


That was fun and so light-hearted, I laugh reading the whole thing, the art the yellow angel lol so cute

I notice that the stats increase and decrease read as the text is that voluntary?

Townsfolk Favour decreases

Well, keep at it.


This is a nice little gem! A very wacky and funny story that’s sure to make anybody laugh.


Thank you! Art credits go to @generalsquishy. Yes, that was done on purpose since the friends we originally shared the game with are not familiar with choicescript games so to make it easier for them to understand how the stats change, we decided to add in descriptions like that throughout the game. If enough people here think that it would be better without these though, I could remove them (it’ll just take a while, haha).

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It’s not a bother at all, I was just curious about it… The way you explain it makes sense…

Glad you enjoyed :blush:

Oh, YES!

We don’t get nearly enough of those.


I have to say, really enjoyed it. Was not sure when starting, but after a few choices, it came together. Half expected pepper to be on the other side of salt.

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Just started playing, and I see this, and laugh out loud.

“Don’t you start with that 1216 shit on me, I’m a genderless shapeshifting manifestation of light and fire, trust me I know ALL ABOUT IT. It’s not my fault YOU GUYS have the unnecessarily gendered titles.” You wonder if therapy exists in Heaven. This angel seems to need it.

Oh, and this one too:

This is the best thing one can ever experience. By petting the hedgie you absorb some of its wisdom. You also accidentally poke some of its hedgie spikes. Because the hedgehog is relaxed, you do not get stabbed. Yay.

The story is hilarious, the characters are hilarious, the graphics are hilarous—overall the game is hilarious and I love it. :slight_smile:


That really means a lot, thank you. It is a pretty strange, silly creation of ours but I’m glad people are having fun with it :smile:

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Anyway, I love the art, quirky and fun! <3

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This was delightful and fun to read and play through! Are either of you fans of Kingdom of Loathing by chance? The absurdist humor reminds me of the writing in KoL. Like previous posters have mentioned, it’s nice to read something lighthearted and easy to get into for once. Oh, and the pictures make it more awesome. Thanks for sharing with the rest of the interwebs. =)

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Hahaha first choice? you decided to be smart. now you dead. the end Very fun!

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Pro tip to others, if the girl in the booth tells you where, write it down cause later you need to type it in. I couldnt remember where it was soo now i got to go to the castle for flour.

If i were to go back to playing the demo

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No, neither of us have played it, actually. The story/characters/humour are just based on a bunch of high school shenanigans crammed into one game and taken over the top, haha. We’re so glad you like it!


I’m both surprised and disappointed at the lack of “hon hon hon baguette” jokes. Sad day.


very fun game! it had me laughing the whole time :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

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This was fun and silly, and I’m curious about the inside jokes that inspired it :smile:
You put a smile on my face!


Glad to hear you liked our game! I’m honestly super surprised it’s been received so well considering how specifically weird a lot of it is. ^-^
“The Baguette Secte”, or the whole situation with a baguette-based cult comes from the horrible mistake our high school teachers made: letting us make our own, completely unmonitored, group chats, and trusting that we’d only do schoolwork in them. I’d explain in more detail how it came to be, but I don’t remember, and the old chat logs aren’t exactly… coherent.
But essentially what happened is a series of absurd jokes kept getting added on to each other, until we ended up with an entire silly little universe, which @AngelNerd and I polished up a bit (well, a lot) to make into a game. A lot of characters in the game are inspired by either real people, or by recurring characters from those old chat logs.
For example, “The Salt King” is a nickname we gave a friend of ours because of his frequent sarcastic remarks, so in the game we just made that more literal. His “leisure room” is just an excuse for us to make reference to some of his many interests and his dark sense of humour.
Pick an element of the game, especially if it seems out of place, and it probably traces back to a trait of someone in our friend group that we lovingly mocked them for (including ourselves!).


Ah yes, the joys of an unmonitored group chat. Say no more :smile:

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