Auralites (Working Title) (WIP)

Hopefully we’re allowed to have more than two WIP’s up at a time.

Well, anyways, I’m working on a side game (that is now my main priority) thanks to the suggestion I got on another thread I put up a while back.

I’m already well into the game but since my internet connection has been down and I can’t use dropbox, there will be no demo up until everything is sorted out.

The game can be best explained as a very open-world game, that tends to deviate from the main story and let you do and go wherever you like.

Some other features include side-quests and stories unlocked in different ways, a somewhat simple but interesting intem system and… Auralites. More on this right now.

The main character is the grandchild of the master of a dojo that teaches a rather unique form of martial arts… with auras. He teaches his students (which are you and three others at the moment) how to manipulate their auras in many ways, the biggest way being with Auralites.

Auralites are physical manifestations of a human’s aura in the form of some kind of being, which can be summoned at will. They are concentrated forms of half of your auric power that aid in battle in many different ways.

If you’ve ever played Persona… this is pretty similar to it!

Anyways, in this story there are five Elemental Magics that a person can specialize in, Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Aether. Their aura is usually a clear indicator for what magic they naturally have a knack for. Along with these five, there are different sub-elements that can be learned either when combining two main elenents, convincing a master of a sub element to teach it to you, or using runes to give you basic ability. Auralites tend to only use the type of magic you naturally specialize in, but with enough practice they can be taught certain sub-elements.

I want to keep the story a suprise for now - however, know that it has a painfully slow beginning and is very long.

Some other things.

There is no romance! I plan on making friendships very detailed and well-thought. I find that romance just complicates things. Along with that, I don’t want to shove in unnecessary romance and just have it do nothing. If I find a practical way to incorporate a romantic plot, then I will change my mind.

There are A LOT of characters. Thus, I’m hoping to add some kind of database for them all, if possible.

You may find that there are many choices that seem meaningless in the game. However, keep in mind that there are a few hidden stats that affect the personality of the character. Things like the color/scent you choose for your aura, dialogue choices you make, and even the Auralite, Magic, and Style you choose heavily effect the story.

There are multiple people you can choose to travel with. This affects the places you will have access to, but not necessarily the outcome of the story. Also, stronger partners tend to make battles easier on you…

This is written in third-person. Yeah. I am done with second-person.

This is also likely to be a series. Maybe.

I probably forgot things… Oh well. I’ll have a VERY LONG demo up as soon as my internet is back…

Personapersonapersonapersonapersona. Social links?

Jokes aside this sounds promising, but disappointed with the fact there’s no romance. You should do something like P4 did and make it so that your friendship has to build up to a certain point and have a pseudo romance. P4 kinda didn’t make it feel like you were dating that person, but it’s the thought that counts.

(Chie ftw)

Seems great, but no romance is fine If you feel that it’s neccersary.

I wanna try this now to see f ill like it alot

You guys are all crazy with Romance, aren’t you? And emphasis on romance. :stuck_out_tongue: Also, I’ve got a question. What’s the difference with Auralite and Magic?

@sunbean “This is written in third-person. Yeah. I am done with second-person.”

Hooray! I like third person.

If you have so many characters in there I’d look at a way of including romance though. Some people will expect it. Or a reason why there is no romance, even if it’s just making the main character uninterested in that sort of thing.

Or make chastity an essential part of being able to work their abilities.

Well, you’re perfoming the makgic yourself and Auralites are aids when battling, to strengthen your auric powers. Auralites conserve your auric energy as well, in the case you cannot perform magic.

Also, using magic is optional.

I think my main problem with romance is keeping it relevant, especially with all of the characters and the fast pace of the story after a while. I guess if I can think of a way to include it well, I will. That’s not to say there won’t be any romance at all, of course.

Please excuse the very slow replies…

First beta! It only goes to Ch. 3 as I’m too lazy to code the other chapters I’ve written so far.

The next beta will be open as well, but after that it’s closed.

Aside from autotests I haven’t really tested a lot of this, so please point out any mistake or discontinuities!

I like it and havent ran in to any errors in it either cant wait to see more. :smiley:

Thank you!

It’ll get a lot less story-ish later on. Promise. >.>

I’m drowning in a sea of adjectives…

Yeah. That’s my tedious writing style for you. :confused:

Edit for redundancies, oxymorons and needless adjectives.
-chaotic calm.
-Has - currently

  • closed… eyes shut

If your eyes are closed, then of course they’re shut. If he has students in the present, then of course they’re current.

You also mix present and past tense; stick to one tense.

My phone insists on reloading it every time I tab out, so I can’t type more specific examples.

I’ll get to work on that. I know my writing is really tedious. D:

I think I may occasionally switch tenses because I’m actually referring to the past, but I’ll check for any accidental switches.

Thank you!

Nice Leeroy Jenkins reference.

Frankly, the 3rd person perspective is both a breath of fresh air and slightly confusing. On one hand I prefer 3rd person perspectives when writing and reading stuff, but on the other I’m not used to 3rd person in interactive fiction.

Game 404d for a while, but it disappeared quickly. Probably an issue on my part.

Good job so far though. Conceptually I like the game.

Is hand to hand based largely on taekwondo?

Kind of based on it. I don’t really remember much from my years doing it, but I tried to make it resemble it as much as I could.

I can see how third person is confusing. I was considering first person, but it felt limited when describing things. However, I think that limitation may be needed to avoid confusing everyone, so I may change it to first depending on how things progress.

If third person is what you want to use then you should. I think third person has a lot of benefits, for one it’s the easiest to separate the player from the protagonist. It’s also very good for description.

I tried using second but I ended up not liking it very much. I think in my future games I’ll use first, because that plays to my own strengths as a writer. If third plays to yours stick with it.

Third does have a lot of benefits.

I haven’t played your game yet. It’s on my TODO list though so when I get around to it I’ll leave some comments on how you’ve implemented third person if you want, and if I find that it alienates me as a reader or not.

That would be great, thanks.

I’m kind of stuck between first and second. Most of my works are in third person so I’m used to it, but my first person just sounds better and less awkward for me. I’m not sure whether to switch or not.

I didn’t like that I was immediately thrust into being asked questions.

At the moment it’s just a stab in the dark, we don’t even know what each ability does. How can we choose wisely if we don’t know their practical function, the differences between them, how they can be used or anything? Can you possibly offer a scenario which will allow the protagonist to show their affinity instead?

I must be the only person who actually likes having a list of names to choose from.

Again with the aura list, I’ve no idea what any of the colours mean so choosing one is just blindly guessing. It’s a bit frustrating to have to do that.

Aha. Start the game with “Concentrate now…” Forget the prologue and add it afterwards.

“the girl – Jennifer – notices anyway, her dark eyes snapping open to glance your way.” - Problem with tenses there.

Kevin actually seems more interesting than the protagonist is. He’s just arrived after all, he’s just about to learn, he has a special power. Everything screams that Kevin should be the protagonist.

I started to skim huge chunks of text. I do that frequently when there’s not enough interactivity. Why don’t we get a scene where we’re learning about auras instead?

It’s good though. I like the story. It’s taking an interesting turn. I think if you did do a little bit more work on developing the protagonist before Kevin shows up it would be better though.

Stick to third; you can make it work. Switching to second is a headache. I’ve never used it before my attempt at CS and never will again.

Youyouyouyouyouyouryou everywhere. First, with so much temptation to abuse I-my, is scarcely better