Arthurian Tale: Camelot [153k] [Sep 29 2023]

I believe it does but your overall openess to christianity also affects it. There’s a lot of moving parts that changes relationship through every chapter.

In this game druidism is the celtic religion that existed in Wales before Christianity arrived (Roman expansion), many people in Camelot believe in the traditional religion despite Christian influence. Technically the belief differs throughout the world and even in Wales or Camelot as a whole some druids hold beliefs others do not. Such as area specific gods/goddesses.

They are often called druids but more practise druidism and believe in superstitions that Christians would consider heretical. Historically there is evidence that Wales (Which this games takes heavy influence from) still held many technically celtic\druid/pagan beliefs and practices long after Christianity became more popular. (Eg luck and bad luck as an obvious example)

It’s a pretty interesting topic I will flesh out more and add to over time.


Hi! I must say I’m enjoying your work! It’s a really great IF! I was elated that you updated chapter 3 however I am encountering errors while playing halfway chapter 3. Might need some help or was it really not finished yet?


Thanks! What errors are you encountering? I’m currently trying to fix some Lunete related bugs but there could be more, this chapter is set out kinda differently.


I’m stuck at the part where the Arthur/Elaine received the dog and asked for my opinion if i liked the dog. The whole error disables me to progress and finish chapter 3. I figured I’d ask for help trying to figure out whether the error is only at my end coz I tried other options and still got the same error. It won’t allow me to choose options to progress. Thanks btw!

Sounds like a bug, so I will look into it!

@Turtlerabbit09 Does an error message appear? I’m not sure what the error could be. This part of the story is near the end of the chapter, is something not happening as you expect?

(Also if anyone else is having this issue, do let me know!)

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just tried the demo. its pretty good, but i have to say it feels less like cyoa and more like…someone describing things to you? bc of this i dont feel too attached tobany of the character, maybe morgana. and also often theres no transition between scenes, the characters doing 1 thing and the next paragraph theyre doing different thing.


Progress Update

Okay, sorry for the delay folks, been working on finishing a particularly choice-heavy section with lots of variation in Chapter 4. These sections always take ages to code and mere seconds to read through haha, but I think it adds lots of choices depending on what you’re looking for. And makes quite a replayable section if you wanted to engage with different parts of the story or not.

Some people wanted more combat chances, so I included that as well as alternatives for those who will pick up the stat specialisations that come up in the chapter.

Also working on updating Chapter 3 to allow you to speak to Arthur/Elaine afterwards if they banish Accolon. Lunete was a bit bugged, so her fix will come included. Some descriptions will also be added to some scenes that I found bland.

No predictions for when the Chapter 3 Update will be out or when I’ll have finished Chapter 4. The next chapter still needs some good romance content to finish it up after all the choice-heavy content. While I wish I could add more than my current scope, I do want to actually be able to finish Arthurian Tale. Adding free expansions is always a possibility too, if once I finish I decide I want to add even more.


NGL this look nice, I enjoy it so far

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Progress Update:

Hey folks, hope everyone’s enjoying Arthurian Tale so far. I’ve done about 85% of Chapter Four. I wrote a list of around 18 tasks to do before the chapter is finished and knocked 2 easy ones off yesterday. A lot of what I have to do is tie everything together nicely and make sure every variable I need tracked is doing so correctly.

I also formulated a few more plans for the next two chapters and broke it up into smaller tasks so it’s less mentally daunting. It’s been a productive month overall and I hope to start editing Chapter Four by the very latest before the end of the year but ideally several months before then.

For anyone who wants some info about Chapter Five: Big spoiler coming so don’t keep reading if you’d rather it be a surprise. Your father passes and his crown passes to you. At long last you return to your homeland and see what consequences your previous actions have had on your kingdom.


Wait what consequences or previous actions, I am so confused because so far the mc have done nothing worth noting to affect they kingdom

They very much have and continue to do so. Telling Arthur/Elaine about your father’s trustworthiness in Chapter 2 and the resulting scope of the war is the biggest one. Being married to Arthur/Elaine in Chapter 1 grants you a small barony which can be useful later on too. Reputation is a tracked stat throughout the game and will change how respected you are by your own people and potentially other kingdoms.

Who you are friends with/allied with will affect if they help or hinder you depending on what you decide to do. The game tracks what sort of things you say to people that can make them more susceptible to understanding your motives.

Chapter Four which I’m writing now will include new ways to change things, most notably the chance to negotiate trade deals for your kingdom or for Camelot.


Progress Update

5 of 18 tasks complete. Busy time of year but still working away.


Good luck; I know well how real life can hinder writing.

I love this story and wish to see you complete it.

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Somehow managed to catch and just about recover from my second bout of covid. I’ve lost my sense of smell and get nightly headaches, but otherwise am on the mend.


Ugh, covid sucks. And won’t just go away.

Glad you’re feeling better, though.

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I got COVID mid-2020? And my sense of smell never recovered. I used to be able to smell just about anything from miles/kilometers away. Now I can barely smell a dirty litterbox from the next room over.


And I got an eternal cough, from time to time I cough and if I exert physical effort it gets worse.

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Progress Update

7 of 18 tasks complete so far. (Working on Chapter 4)