AotC P1: Killing the Consort?

I created two characters in an attempt to kill the Consort, one via poison and the other via death magic. I fell out the window and died with the poison and I was found out and beheaded with the death magic. Is there a way to kill the consort without dying yourself?

Mud throwing campaign. Ruin her reputation with your charm and subtlety! Or just sit tight, she’ll do the job for you eventually.

Three ways:

  1. Poison,
  2. Death Magic,
  3. Framing.

In the last case it’s a jealous and angry Augustin(a) who executes them, but they’re still just as dead. To get away with any of the above, you need to avoid getting caught, and that generally means a high Subtle score, although in some situations a high Charm, a good reputation, or a strong relationship with Vega or Augustin(a) can also help get you off the hook as long as you aren’t caught red-handed.

For poision or death magic high subtle and of course high enough magic

Didn’t realy try the majority of the options… I went straight to the frame up job and never looked back

But as the others have said;
To poison the Consort you must have a high enough subtelty stat.
Death Magic needs a high magic stat and subtlety stat (careful though… death curses come with some drawbacks)

Want my own opinion though? Well if you didn’t I’m going to give it anyway (Ooooh so camp xD);
Stick to the frame job. Might seem harder at first but it seems the best route… If you don’t care about your reputation to much… heheh

Depending on my mood I’ll go with either Death Magic or Framing. I’m not a fan of the Poison approach. It doesn’t gain you the stat boosts the other two approaches do. The biggest drawback of death magic as far as I’m concerned is having to kill some kittens as part of your spell. :frowning: You don’t have to kill any kittens if you frame the consort instead.

@P_Tigras Noooo not the cute kittens >_<

Ah. I never really paid too much attention to those stats. I’ll go back and try it again.

The kittens must die. I saw all of you looking at porn!

I tried with poison and I actually managed to succeed.

How do you get a high subtle?

I’m a big fan of the framing route. It keeps your hands fairly clean, and if you have de Vega on your side, it’s pretty easy.

@12lexy12 Subtle is how good you are with people.

No, Subtle is how good you are at hiding your plans and covering your tracks; Charm is how good you are at sweet-talking people, and Booksmart covers your ability to lead people through logic.

Your subtle stat goes down whenever you make a spectacle of yourself, like kicking Ramirez’ ass or starting a war of assassins. It goes up when you manipulate people from the background, mislead people, use poison, or otherwise work in the shadows. It’s easy to get a high subtle stat if you avoid being obvious about your intentions.

Hmm, I was able to easily send the former consort to death, even while de Vega was my enemy and I held a horribly scandalous reputation in the eyes of the people.

I’m pretty sure success in framing comes from your charm and subtlety, and probably your relationship with Augustin as well. I had the queen killed easily, and know one ever had an inkling that I was behind it

If you want a high subtle score, avoid making any public speeches in CoR. They will unfortunately drop your subtle score like a rock. Always take the more subtle methods of getting your way over arguing publicly for them, no matter how eloquent you are. That should keep your subtle score high.

Public speeches in parts 2 and 3 of the series don’t destroy your subtle score the way they do in part 1, so you can give them without suffering a stat decrease once you hit CoI and later.