Anyone else have this issue on mobile?

For some reason, whether it’s in the COG/HG app or I download the games themselves off the play store, I always have an issue in the stats screen if there’s competing stats. Usually I can’t see one or both of the stats—it’s blank.

Changing the size of the text in settings doesn’t help, either.

Only place I don’t run into this error on mobile is in browser.

Turning on dark mode revealed something interesting, too.

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I have this issue since I started playing COG and HG. I mostly ignore it since I dont open stats screen too often

@sammyboy i dont have this problem, playing on android. Crazy how the bars are rendering on top of text :upside_down_face:

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I’m also on android; I don’t know why it does this! It’s really annoying in games where stats are really important😥

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