Having stats on-screen at all times?


In either the Steam client or the Chrome Apps, is there a way of having the stats permanently displayed on-screen? I can get this on iOS by having the device in landscape, but not on a PC, despite the abundant screen space.


Not that im aware of. You could program your COG so that following each *page_break you then put the statistics but I don’t know if you can display percentage charts outside of the stats page. If you simply wanted to show a group of skills with numbers you could do it though.

Would be a pain to have the same thing after every *page_break though, you’d have to setup a *gosub and just write that each time.


I meant as a player, not a writer!



Then no, I’m reasonably sure that’s not possible. Why would you want to? Wouldn’t that be obstructive? The only time you would need to see them is before important choices. Also some game have such a long list of stats you’d never get to read the story


No, I don’t think so. You can force your browser to load an online page as if it were sending a request from a different browser or operating system, using extensions (a multi-browser app), though I’ve never tried it with CoG games.


@Maxmansung: In a game like Life of a Wizard, where the ‘good’ ending needs very high stats, it’s incredibly useful to be able to see how your choices are affecting the stats as you play through.


It is a good idea, but it won’t work for every game. Alternatively you could go to the Stat screen every time. I have played Life of a Wizard and it worked fine, but it might be different for you.