Customizing Stat Screen with an Option for a Clickable "Help" Segment?

I’ve been racking my brain for like ten minutes on how to search this up on google/online, but I’m totally blanking on phrasing.

Basically, I’d like to kind of customize my stats screen a little bit to give the player the option to read up on what skills are/do, what variables mean, and even explain how this story in particular works, in case they want to know specifically how decisions will affect the story. I was thinking for some reason I could add a button to the stats screen that would show another “page”, but I think I’m actually think of putting a “choice” option that will show something else.

I don’t want to hide the stats, however, behind an option- I don’t want TOO much finagling because I don’t want the player to have to dig through menus to see their stats. I want that to be “on top”, so to speak.

Is there a way to achieve what I want, or should I just dump it at the very bottom lmao, similar to how “Choice of Pirate” has the glossary at the very bottom of the stats screen?? I feel like my brain’s going in circles haha

I think I’ve got it figured out- decided to maybe put an option for Lore as well, and at that point, putting a nice little Choice section at the bottom of the stats screen looks a little moreo rderly than just having one choice option for just explaining the “rules” of the game

Glad you’ve settled on a solution that works for you!
Just in case anyone else is reading this and wants a little help section like described, I threw together a quick 6:30am example below that will allow you to show/hide a block of text whilst still keeping your stats visible at the top.

*temp showhelp false
*label stats_top

  percent closecombat Close Combat
  percent rangedcombat Ranged Combat
*if (showhelp)
  I'm a bunch of help text explaining the stats you can still see above!
  *if (showhelp) 
    #Hide Help
      *set showhelp false
      *goto stats_top
  *if not (showhelp) 
    #Show Help
      *set showhelp true
      *goto stats_top

Thank you very much!! I should’ve done the same haha. It was about midnight and I was a bit wired and exhausted at the same time hahaha

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