Quick help with stats

  opposed_pair Merciful
  percent control
    How much control you have over your powers

I’ve read the wiki on how to add a description for a stat but it doesn’t seem to work? has this been changed since the new updates or am i just not doing it properly?

@Eternalfire I tried this and I think there should be no spaces in the last line

So,like this:


Works! Thanks :smiley:

Anyways if the wiki is still supposed to be active and up to date then someone should change that.

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How stats work was changed a while ago. I think removal of descriptor text on the stats bars was one of the changes, hence why your coding doesn’t work. (The bars now always show percentages too, when they didn’t used to.)

It looks like that wiki page hasn’t been updated. I’m not sure who’s in charge of the wiki or even who has editing permissions. It looks like @Vendetta was the last person to edit the page though. Maybe he can help?

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Ohh, I wish descriptor text was still a thing…

Does anyone know why it got removed?

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I’ve removed the outdated descriptor text part from that page, and have added that page to the list requiring a major overhaul. CoG’s own help page on the subject is the best source for the Stats page -

Note that @Drini7’s workaround is the only way to do it now, and it works only because the descriptor text is not actually included within (i.e. indented with) the *stat_chart, so it’s really just an ordinary line of text being displayed after the *stat_chart itself (i.e. its use is therefore limited to only very small *stat_charts).

@ballmot If you take a look at CoG’s help page linked above (and especially compared to the outdated examples given on the wiki page) you’ll see that the way text is displayed on a *stat_chart has changed quite significantly, becoming a part of the bar itself. This makes extra descriptor text harder to include but arguably looks better now and probably renders additional text unnecessary if you choose the right wording in the first place.


All right i have run into a new problem largely because i have never tried it before. Is it possible to have stat for a first name and a stat for a second name then put both of those stats into a variable called Name?

So basically first you ask them their first name, then their last name. But in the stats screen it shows both the names with a space in between.

You could do concatenation, or you could just display both variables next to each other.


@WinterHawk is spot-on. I’ve never found a need for concatenation myself though - I just display the MC’s name on the stat screen as {Name} {Last_Name}. If you find yourself combining those two too often by hand, that’s where concatenation comes in.

Hello :blush: ok so I’ve started playing with the example text with choice script to help myself understand the coding, and I think I’m getting the hang of it.
However I can’t seem to create stats. I’m using what was given in the example and adding to it so I can see how to do it and make sure I’m not messing something up before I start making something of my own.
So I’m basically just wondering how to make new stats and how to have them recognized as a stat or variable if that make sense?
Oh and I’ve been going over the basic tutorial while I’m playing with it but I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

*title testing
*Author kazizk

*set Sneak 20

*set strength 20

*set charm 20

*set intelligence 20

*set leadership 20

This is a stats screen!


percent leadership

opposed_pair strength

percent charm

percent sneak

percent intelligence

This is what I have and I’m not sure what’s wrong o.o

Generally you’re better off starting your own thread for this sort of help.

Use *create not *set

Also, to paste in code on the forums press the button that looks like </> preformatted text on the bar next to the other formatting options.

XD ya I thought about it but I thought since my problem was or is similar to this threads topic I thought it be ok to post it here.
Oh ok thank you :blush:
o.o there’s formatting Options here? I’m not sure we’re I’d look for that I’m normally using my phone and unfortunately I don’t explore things that much x.x but I’ll look for that incase I paste in code again :blush: thank you very much :blush:

It’s a completely different problem from the one presented in the first post. Also, people are less likely to check an old post that requires help, than they will glance at a new one. It’s no biggy mind you.

I think the formatting bar shows up on my tablet, not sure about phones it probably should. It’s mostly that with choicescript indents are really important, but just pasting straight in, without the preformat/code option means the indentations are lost.

Also I suggest checking out the wiki.

Oh…ya now that look at my problem and the first post it is a lot different x.x alright :blush:I’ll keep that it mind :blush: Oh ok ya I see what you mean there I think :blush: I’ll look around for the formatting bar :blush:

Ya I was reading the wiki while trying the coding but I think I may have gotten confused with some of it, I’ll have to re-read it more to try and get a better understanding. Thank you very much for your help :blush: