Choicescript_stats additional text?

I am sorry if this has been asked before. But how do i have one stat screen that is broken up with a brief description of each segment that has a list of stats beneath each one…eg. i want “learned skills” and “Natural skills” to be just title text with the stats beneath it as the example below, which also has a gap between them. I can put one of these before *stat_chart but after that it doesn’t seem possible??

Learned Skills:

Natural Skills:

I am not sure I get it right, but I think you could use the #choice command so that the reader can access the
different pages of the stats screen.

Here’s what I do:

	text name Name
	text gender Gender

	opposed_pair Compassionate
	opposed_pair Altruism
	percent relationship Relationship with ${boggart}
	percent cunning Cunning
	percent charisma Charisma
	percent stealth Stealthiness 
	percent resolve Resolve

	text health Vitality

	text mana Apprentice's Mana

	text gold Gilded Pieces

Ok thanks for your help. Seeing as i can use *stat_chart several times i manage to get it how i wanted it.
(Note: i choose to display the name variable this way so i didn’t have it indented. It just looks better).

Name: ${Name}	
Learned Skills:
	percent lockpicking	
Natural Skills:
	percent perception
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