Stat descriptions

I’ve noticed that in the latest version of choicescript any descriptions added to stats no longer appear.

I.E in my game looking at the stat screen you’d see this

Physical 50%
Your strength, speed and stamina

Mental 30%
Your intelligence, charm and knowledge

But since the update it only shows

Physical 50%

Mental 30%

Is anyone else having this issue?

Sorry guys. I was hoping to be able to tell you messed up somewhere, but it seems that it’s been cut out entirely, judging from the official page. Too bad too, I liked the feature as well - a little complicated, but still nice.

To clarify, I get fuzzy after 2 indentations, so the opposed-stat bar + descriptions always threw me for a half-minute.

I think it’s been there for a while. My version is from late May IIRC, and the descriptions are gone as well.

Which is too bad; I kinda liked that feature.