Displaying stats on the side?

Sorry if this is already a thread but I’m having trouble in putting the stats to the side of the normal game instead of clicking a button to show stats. I just have no clue how to do it. (I may just be missing something but idk)

That would I believe be very difficult if not impossible without some type of mod which CoG would more than likely not publish.

I mean in games like samurai of Hyuga or the infinity series do games like that they have the stats and name of the character to the left of the story

Is that not implemented after publishing?

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Maybe I am misunderstanding but I think they want the stats to the right of the text in the main screen instead of going to the stat screen.

Yeah, like?



I don’t play the app versions. I assumed those were added by the app though.


That is a new one for me lol never seen it laid out like that. Learn something new every day. :smile:


Yes, it gets done in publishing. On the iPad, holding it vertical shows just word, horizontal flips open those stats on the side. :slight_smile: